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Balance & Power Training Throughout History by Mark Hatmaker

Footwork is a mainstay of combat sports and martial reality. The feet are the deuce-and-a-halfs that get your munitions to the field of battle.

The feet are your mode of retreat to get out of harm’s way.

Your feet are the two pegs you use to cut angles to better deflect, diminish, evade an attacker’s gambit and apply your own meanness.

Footwork is, was, and will always be vital to matters martial.

But… Just as important is what you can do on your feet while basically standing stock still.

How much heft can you generate from this on-point position? Read More

Keeping certain survival items safe in a crisis can be the difference between life and death. The good news is, it’s ridiculously easy to do. This is the simplest way to turn any bag into a waterproof bag, on the fly, with a readily available item.

We’re going to take a walk from bird-watching, through to animal ethology, to suppressed “escape” behavior in humans in the face of boring conversations or bad dates, and wind up with spotting suspicious behavior in potential human predators. We’ll also discuss how paying closer attention to bad conversations might one day save your life. First, Read More

As an agent I used handcuffs on bad guys quite often. It was one of my most essential tools of the trade. However, there was always a possibility that my handcuffs could be used against me or the bad guy may have handcuffs of his own, especially when I was undercover. Because of this I Read More

“Great is drill.” – Henry VIII A common request among combat rookies and even intermediate players (and if we are honest some long-timers still think this way, too) is “What’s next?” or “What’s the next super-secret neato technique to master?” And I get this attitude, I mean who doesn’t want some new bit of information Read More

Have you ever heard about people waterproofing matches with wax?  It sounds like it’d make a mess of your backpack, so I thought we’d try a few alternative methods of waterproofing matches instead.  Dorothy is our resident amateur survivalist, so we thought we’d let her take a crack at this one: