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What Do You Know? – Mark Hatmaker

Let’s use a conversation with General George Patton and a joke about a nun and a priest to teach us a lesson about martial arts and self-protection in general.

F. van Wyck Mason was a historian, a novelist, and a veteran of World Wars I and II. In the Second World War, he was appointed historian for SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force) by Allied Commander General Eisenhower.

Mason was tasked with keeping tabs on all the major players of the day and to keep a documentary record of what happened, when it happened. He has many stories of cooperating and non-cooperating higher ups. Let’s let Mason himself tell us a story here: Read More

What do you do when you’re on the beach, dehydrated, not a drop of fresh water in sight?  According to this survival trick, look for some garbage!  Sneak a peak at the video below to see what I mean:

Pop Quiz: What do the following have in common? Early UFC-Phenom Kimo Leopold Fortune 500 Power Suits My Great-Grandfather, Jerry Harber Cargo Shorts Frenchmen in the court of France’s King Louis XVI And hockey jerseys As the title tips, the common theme is handles.

Having a tripod can be extremely useful in a survival situation. The video above is a simple tutorial on the right way to create a tripod, with nothing more than a few feet of cordage. Whether you are setting the base for a trap, building a shelter, suspending something over a fire, creating shooting sticks, Read More

When contemplating how to prepare for real life survival and combat there is often a debate on whether you need to be smart to survive an encounter or if you should be the toughest mother around. Well I plan to explore this for you in this article and give you my opinion on this matter. Read More

I compose these brief notes while the unfortunateness with Harvey continues to plague Texas and moves its way to Louisiana. I fear it is far too late to aid and assist folks in those stricken areas, so I offer this information in the hopes that we may have it at the fingertips of our minds Read More