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Lesson Two of the Self Defense Mini Clinic

If you missed Lesson 1 you can find it here.

When it comes to street fights (any fight that happens without a referee) there are too many misconception to count, many of them can get you seriously injured or killed. Lesson Two is all about calling out the B.S. and setting the story straight.

Knowing the truth about street fights will take you a long way towards winning any fight. But first here’s a quick video tip from ex-gang enforcer Diallo Frazier showing you a technique that was designed to turn the tables on an attacker. Pay close attention to the interview at the end of the video where Diallo sets the record straight on one of the biggest fight myths of all.

Top 10 Fighting Myths

  1. Martial Artists Win Streetfights: Listen, I don’t like to “knock” the martial arts. They all have something valuable to offer. We owe them a debt of gratitude for getting us where we are today, and they’re better than nothing. BUT…unfortunately, many of the arts being widely taught today are ancient arts, developed for another time and place in history, for specific conditions and circumstances that simply do not exist in the world you’ll be fighting in today.Statistics show that your average “store front” black belt does not have a much better chance at winning a street fight than any other average guy.Shocked? Well don’t be. Most martial arts concentrate on discipline and complicated “fine motor” techniques that go straight out the window when the “adrenaline dump” hits.
  2. The 5-Minute Fist Fight: This is a big one and it’s important that you get this Hollywood version of fighting out of your head. We’ve all been exposed to movies where the hero is endlessly fist-fighting. Yes, one big-gulp and a large popcorn later, he’s still going at it.But here’s a reality check for you. Nearly every actual street fight lasts for no more than 3 to 8 seconds! That’s right. It’s all over with in less time than it took for you to read this paragraph. Once you understand this, you can appreciate just how little time you have to recognize what’s going on and take decisive action to win. The key is what you do in the time leading up to that 3-8 seconds burst.
  3. Two men fighting street fight

  4. The Man-To-Man Fight: Another grand illusion. Most guys imagine (and train for) a fight against one man. Well you can’t depend on that. Stats prove that more times than not your opponent will have “back up,” friends willing to help take you down and kick in your head. This is why it’s critical that you first make quick and effective decisions early on to end the as fight quickly as possible and prepare for more than one adversary.
  5. The Convenient Fighting Environment: Dojo training often lulls one into the sense that you’ll always have plenty of fighting room… that your opponent will calmly approach you, bow, and ask if you’re ready… and that the ground will always be nicely padded. The reality is different.I’ve found that most fights occur in tight quarters (a bathroom, between cars, etc), with little or no room for flying kicks or fancy moves. There will be little or no light, furniture will be in the way, and rough concrete floors to strip meat off your bones. Ouch!
  6. Most Fights Go To The Ground: Most guys are surprised to discover that this is a myth, but it is. In fact, most street fights and personal combat situations do NOT end up on the ground.
    Yes, someone ends up on the ground alright, and it’s the loser – with the winner (or winners) standing over him stomping on his head. So why is this myth so common? Well, it comes from the study of police reports. You see, most cops who struggle with an adversary end up on the ground.Now hold on – doesn’t that contradict what I just said? No, it doesn’t. Because the goal of law enforcement is to “contain, control, comply” (also known as the 3 C’s) – which, by the way, requires more skill than simply winning a street fight. In other words a cop can’t simply eye jab, ear slap, then move in for a knock-out head butt because a dangerous criminal is resisting him. No, an officer’s goal is NOT to end a fight in 3 seconds, but instead to use “reasonable and proportionate escalation of force” to control and contain his subject.I’m not suggesting you totally ignore ground fighting, but you should spend 80% of your time training to fight on your feet.
  7. Before we go on here’s another video, this one from weapons expert and security consultant Bob Taylor:

  8. Your friends will back you up: Ha! I’m sad to say this is not true. We’d all like to believe our buddies will back us up, but research shows that they’re more likely to pick their noses than pick a fight. In fact, crowd behavior studies show that the more friends and bystanders are hanging around, the less likely it is that you’ll get help in a fight.Now, on the other hand, if you have just ONE friend and no crowd of bystanders, you actually may get some help. But the facts have shown over and over that individuals inside a crowd are less likely to act.
    A “gang” mentality is different. They will back each other up because it’s part of their “job.”
  9. Ignore them and they’ll go away: This is a common tactic, especially with women who feel they’re being followed. They simply put on the blinders and hope for the best. “Oh goodness, I hope that bad man goes away.” Bad tactic. Don’t ignore a predator you suspect is “scoping” you. Believe it or not, your best bet is to let him know that you ARE aware of him.Look at him directly. Watch him. Let him know you’re aware of his presence. Once a predator suspects you know his real intentions, it strips away much of the motivation to attack since the element of surprise has been taken away – and surprise is one of the predator’s most powerful tools. He knows he can’t surprise you, and now you’re perceived as less of an easy mark.Of course eyeballing a bully will have the opposite effect and will probably result in the “what are YOU looking at?” response. So this tactic is to be used when you suspect a predator.
  10. All You Need Is One (Or Two) Fighting Techniques: This is a common theory that has some truth to it. But I want to dispel the foolish notion that knowing less is better than knowing more. This just isn’t true. Because following this kind of logic would indicate that, for example, you’d be better off using an uneducated bag-lady as your investment broker than a guy with a Master’s Degree in Finance. I’d put my money on the Master’s degree, but that’s just me.Well, the same is true with fighting techniques. You’re better off knowing more than less, as it gives you the flexibility of using multiple methods to attack specific targets. Remember… one of the most crucial keys to fighting and winning is proper target acquisition. In other words, you’ll be far more effective with a crudely executed, but accurate, kick to your opponent’s nut-sack than you’d be with a really pretty roundhouse kick that missed the mark.
  11. All Military Fight Systems Can Be Trusted: Let me tell you a “dirty little secret” about some military combat systems being sold today. Recently there’s been a rash of “experts” who’ve “trained” the military in their secret system.Here’s the scoop. They’ve offered a few military guys some free training in their system. That’s it. Free seminars or workshops to military personnel is almost always a marketing ploy and a “resume building” exercise. They can now turn around and advertise that their system is used by “military experts.” Keep your eyes open for this nonsense. Just because someone trained military personnel does NOT make their system special.Another thing, most soldiers will admit that much of the hand to hand stuff is absolutely worthless to them because 100% of their job is to fight at a distance using hi-tech weaponry — NOT hand-to-hand systems.This is exactly why I’ve personally sought out special military units that indeed depend heavily on hand-to-hand fighting.And believe me, these guys exist. I even got some of them to talk. They sneak around behind enemy lines quietly “taking care of business” without firing weapons and drawing a bunch of attention to themselves. Real live bad-asses that’d make Rambo look like a pussy.
  12. sport fighting vs self defense

  13. Sport Fighting Is Just Like Personal Combat: Many think that a trained boxer, cage fighter, Mixed Martial Artist, or kickboxer is the same as being a trained street fighter.Not true. Let me ask… who do YOU think would win a spontaneous street fight — a champion MMA fighter or some ex-con street-brawler raised in the toughest area of east LA?I’d put my money on the ex-con. Because as brutal as it may appear, an MMA fight really IS different than a street fight.First, a pay-per-view “cage” fight (also called a mixed-martial-arts or MMA fight) is about making money for the promoters. They can’t allow every fight to be over within 3-8 seconds. They’d lose their audience — and advertisers — fast. So, in an MMA fight there’s no quick “fight ending” moves allowed — which is what a street fight is ALL about.Also, promoters have got to take some effort to protect the fighters. They wouldn’t be “sanctioned” for long with a continuous stream of dead bodies being hauled out of the ring.So, here’s 16 moves that are outlawed in most sanctioned MMA fights – which also happen to be some of the most effective moves in street fights:
  1. Eye gouging.
  2. Groin strikes (the ever popular “sack-attack”)
  3. Throat strikes (which can easily be lethal).
  4. Grabbing the trachea
  5. Biting (alright… Tyson DID try this once).
  6. Clawing, twisting, or pinching the flesh.
  7. Stomping, kneeing or kicking a grounded opponent
  8. Strikes to spine or back of head (also easily lethal).
  9. Striking downward, using the point of the elbow.
  10. Head butt (think of a “bowling ball in the face”).
  11. Hair pulling.
  12. Kicking the kidney with the heel.
  13. Grabbing the clavicle
  14. Small joint manipulations (such as fingers)
  15. Weapons and improvised weapons.
  16. Multiple attackers (except in WWF).

In Lesson Three there’ll be two more videos for you and a lesson on picking the best fight moves and why total commitment is the only policy when it comes to winning a street fight. You don’t want to miss it.

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421 thoughts on “Lesson Two of the Self Defense Mini Clinic”

  1. Very good gentleman!
    I have been in a street fight and was whooping the biggest guys ass, and low and behold one of them grabbed me from behind and I thought it was a cop and I let go,
    wrong move! He thru me to the ground and him and his buddies decided to stomp on my ribs. So be prepared, not scared and these videos will help you.
    Thanks for including me Bob I appreciate it very much.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. what’s interesting about the myths above, is that most of this seems to be true … except maybe that a trained boxer has no edge over a street fighter: being the ex-boxer myself I can state flatly – for me the opposite is true. Simply, that’s what my personal experience say.
    Almost all the rest seems to be true.

  3. what’s interesting about the miths above, is that most of this seems to be true … except maybe that a trained boxer has no edge over a street fighter: being the ex-boxer myself I can state flatly – for me the opposite is true. Simply, that’s what my personal experience say.
    Almost all the rest seems to be true.

  4. This is really wild and a whole new mind set and attitude towards fighting. It is not about being fair or stylized or impressing with your ability for clean flowing aestetic movements….it’s about being an animal whose only goal is to rip, tear, claw, break and walk away from a fight in 3-8seconds the winner with a hopeful attacker on the ground wimpering and in pain. Couldn’t I just shoot him? I’ll save that incase I can’t get the can of whoop-ass open. DBH

  5. Just received my 15 Brutal Fight Enders DVD – really impressed with the information I got from it & the quality of the material – can’t believe this DVD only cost me a few dollars – it’s worth many times that – if ever I have to face a seriously violent situation – I just hope I’m able to make use of it properly – that few dollars could save my life – if it does – I will always have a deep respect and gratitude to Bob Pierce.

  6. Thanks Guys ! These fighting techniques can truly help anyone faced with violence. I never thought of these and, appreciate your videos. I will definitely remember them. I believe there are some violent days ahead for us as citizens. We need these self-defense techniques. Please show me more !!!

  7. Good to see a website that doesn’t require a computer to implement the knowledge. There is another site out that costs $7.00 or more to learn to pack a BOB, or where to go,or do do I need a BO Car. His adds always show a wire-Bound book, but evidently he don’t own a printing press and when you call him on it, he gives you a “Daemon”, with a wiseass comment. When the s#@t goes down, you”ll need a separate BOB just to carry his crap around. Y’all SURVIVE, now. You guys have info that don’t require a computer, (which we know won’t be here when we need them.

  8. This is all very well – but what about natural aggression – when I was a kid at school we did a lot of wrestling – this gave me the natural aggression & confidence to be able to confront someone without panicking. Also I learned a lot of moves – funny thing was I just did them without really knowing how – it became pure instinct to get someone on their back – or to make or break a hold. And that’s my problem Iv’e lost a lot of my natural aggression since then & it bothers me – because in my experience it doesn’t matter how well you know your moves – if you don’t have the aggression you will simply will not be able to execute them fast enough.On the positive side though I have to say much of what is shown in these videos rings true – I remember seeing commandos putting on a display way back in the early 70’s & this is pretty much the way they would do things – in fact there approach was not simply to win a fight but to seriously disable an opponent as quickly as possible without even getting scratched – in other words – don’t mess around with a dangerous advisory. So I would give these videos a definite thumbs up. 10/10

  9. D said that you cant use the pant leg drop on an opponent wearing shorts couldn’t you just grab him by the ankle? just like day 1 day2 was filled with great information

  10. I got my butt kicked by a couple of bad-ass brothers way back in 1956 when I was just 16 yrs old. I didn’t start the fight but if I had been able to watch these videos just once prior to that, the outcome would have been a lot different. I know what it’s like to be on the ground not knowing how to defend yourself. Thanks to you, I can show both my grandsons how not to be a victim like I was.
    Thank you so much for your generous teachings.

  11. I like the videos a lot…They’re all things that I’ve learned to do through martial arts and just fighting in the streets as a kid. I do think that the single and double leg takedowns that were shown could’ve been shown in case the person was wearing shorts. Especially for women as well. A lot of women wear leggens or tights and therefore can’t grab pant legs. Also, with the full nelson release if I’m fighting a guy with little to no hair that hair grab won’t work. But as I said, I do like the videos though.

  12. l learned enough combat fighting in the Army in1970 to get killed. I like this stuff, especially the pantleg move. I also appreciate that you are giving out this info without alot of hype ..Ill get the course for sure just because of your honesty. Thanks again.

  13. Thank you I have a black belt and was learning Ju-Jutsu,which is a good sport fighting. Some times the refs or just plan luck may change the real out come I have won many fights only to have some judge who is rooting for the other fighter give away my win.On the streets the real winner is the one who walks away. I am glad to have found your Blog thanks for the info as I am sick and hope that the only fight I have is to protect myself or family.

  14. I am a 65 year old small woman, I view these and other videos with gusto and have commented before. Again, I am concerned about what happens as I walk away from a confrontation? In these videos as well as other, the main idea is to be able to walk away in one piece. I love these videos and have learned a lot and I feel confident that I could manage these moves and for that I thank you. But suppose I do put someone on the ground,then what? walk away? I just can’t believe that they are just going to stay there and do nothing, it seems to me that my putting them to the ground would piss them off and they would get up and come after me with the intent of really hurting me bad, I can not go hand to hand with a man much bigger than me, it’s just not realistic. So, what happens after the other person is on the ground? thanks

  15. Enjoyed watching the videos. I don’t like confrontations at all,it is too easy to panic. You can’t think when you panic. But realize after seeing these, that sometimes you just have to do something. Keeping your head and keeping your fear under control, although real difficult might be a little easier if you know what to do. Going to get a heavy bag just to practice with. I’m 64,but in pretty good shape considering. Looking forward to more.
    Thanks Leo

  16. Very interesting information. At 66 and small stature, these few examples are stright to the point and with a little practice can be use effectively.
    Even with a concealed carry permit, it is much better to end a conflict without using a gun. Much less legal discussion.

    I like it that you point out real street fights are over fast. If you engage you must follow trough quickly or you loose.

  17. i must admit ,in the few fights i have personaly encountered,it is i who was the one that ended up on the ground.ha,no more.i am pleased with how this training is going and at how most if not all the moves are common sense.thank you.

  18. I found you due to searching for some self defense that my friend could use to fend off her soon to be ex husband whom has abused her and that stalks, harasses, and has even held her at knife point. Currently he is in jail but he won’t be there for long and he is still dead set on making her comply and having an order of protection against him as well as being incarcerated has had no effect and has not served as a deterrent. The judicial system also seems to be more trouble than it is worth as it seems to be more concerned with him than with her and they don’t seem to wish to prevent him from killing her. Clearly they aren’t here to protect but rather they are here to judge and punish afterward. So now it is up to she and her loved ones to make it possible for her to survive and if it be possible maybe even live in peace and for once not have to live in fear and/or as a victim of torment, torture, abuse, and likely murder. She can’t afford to move away and frankly it isn’t fair that she should have to forfeit her life, family, home, work, friends, and etc. just because he is a dangerous and insane predator. So I was wondering if you have some good advice and tricks that are targeted for smaller, weaker, females facing out of control, bigger, stronger, mission minded, substance abuse induced psychos that are hell bent on having their way or killing them. I have sent these videos to her email just now and they will be helpful I would think but they are aimed at men taking on men do you have any that are aimed at women like my friend? Please help she needs to be able to protect herself before it’s too late and that won’t be long. Thank you, Trina

  19. This is great information, I guess I fall into the category of people who wait for the fight to start, I hope these videos can help me build the confidence to end the situation before it starts.

    Keep them coming, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

  20. Thanks for this second installment, it is and will be very much helpful and useful to me and many other people I believe.

  21. Single and double leg pant strike is awesome! I’m a small woman and know I could do this. My 8 year old daughter is watching video’s as well and I know she is learning.
    I told her your suggestion about letting a preditor know they are there, but not looking a bully in the eye. What great advice for a little girl!
    Let’s hope our govt. doesn’t leave us with just our hands to defend ourselves, but if they your advice will be priceless.
    God Bless,

  22. I was standing outside of my local pub on St. Paddy’s Day minding my own business, enjoying a smoke. A guy maby 30yrs. old walked out,took about 2 steps to my left rear and ccold-cocked me. I hit the ground in the blink of an eye. Instinctively,I took the position described in your video as he tryed to stomp me.I kept moving And he couldn’t get close. It ended quickly when several patrons came out and he booked.This happened 2yrs. ago when I was 66yrs. old. I’m smart enough to know that, physically,I’m not the same as I was at 30. Your videos have given me the knowledge and confidenceto feel secure knowing that I can protect myself a lot better. Thank you

  23. It has been a good 30-35 years since I have had to lift my hands in violence, but what you have to show here in your videos, as well as the comments, are some of the best lessons I can think of.
    Thanks for the things that have made me start to think again, as over the past years I had begun to become complacent in my life.

    J Michael

  24. Have you ever heard of ‘Combat’ martial arts? just like you aren’t hating on the martial artists, i am not hating on your stuff either, but look up krav maga and bujinkan ninjutsu, this stuff is easy to use and powerful too, it is made for real life fights and is realistic. the training teaches the ‘myths’ that you said, i think you would greatly enjoy either of these martial arts, and in response to your comment that soldiers don’t use martial arts, my dad was part of the 101st airborne in the U.S Army and he was deployed 3 times, he told me that Bujinkan Ninjutsu has saved his life more times then he cares to count, and it is extremely lethal, he has killed with it before. he was a sniper so there were also times where he went behind enemy lines silently also.

  25. Excellent ideas that I had NOT ever seen or heard before, and I have watched several “professional” trainers teach basic self defense. Thanks a million.

  26. Great techniques. I was in a situation where I’d kicked a guy’s dog that was attacking my 7yo son. I felt a bit inhibited so as not to escalate in front of my boy. The guy, bigger than me, stormed up and gave me the chest shove. I was scared and confused, but inhibition was stronger.
    If I’d known the pant grab, I think it would have been the one to use, then we could have hi-tailed out of there.
    What I didn’t expect was the fear and confusion. But thing to be aware of that could happen. Also, I don’t think I’d want to use something like heel of palm to nose (a favourite of mine) or throat. It didn’t feel like that was called for. But the pant grab. Disarming, quick, and I might add, funny, in a way.

  27. Hi!
    Thank You All,This so far has been a great amount of info, at this time with little money I feel this is too good to be true.

    Thank You All Kerstin

  28. Good information. I was familial with the headlock method, but the earlier one was new to me. What I found most important to see you explaining was time. All too often people don’t realize how fast things happen and what a narrow window of time you have to end a situation. Great job!

    1. Hey John,
      Having a training partner is best but many of these moves can be practiced in the mirror. Hitting a pad will give you the best training but going through the motions in front of a mirror will help ingrain the techniques so they are natural when a crisis hits.

      Thanks for watching.

  29. great videos definitely want to practice these moves lots of people like to put someone in a headlock its probably the most used grab move by an amature nice to know how to get out them. The fact that you should get your pounding in first and win the fight is so true most people dont think of that they want to wait till the fights started and then fight.

  30. Good moves. Quickly explained. I like the one or two re-runs of the defenses.

    You are still having a problem with the Bob Pierce info that first comes on the screen.

    The rest of the video’s are fine.

    I like what I see.

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