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Bullsh*t Survival Skills?

Dear Hotlist member:

You’ve just arrived at my new “Bushcraft Or Bullshit” blog page.

Forgive the harsh language, but considering the gravity of what we’re trying to accomplish here, I think you’ll agree it’s appropriate.

Because if you’re anything like me, a guy who believes that someday, somehow the world as we know it today will go completely sideways…

…and the lives of you and your loved ones may actually depend on the kind of survival tips and wisdom you’ve gleaned from various sources…

…then calling misinformation and phony survival tips “bullshit” doesn’t seem so extreme.

And there’s a lot of it out there.

I’m just trying to get to the bottom of what actually works, and what does not. Let’s dispel the myths. Myths that could land you in real trouble if you’re ever force to rely on them in an actual life and death survival situation.

Today’s video covers a bushcraft tip I’ve seen on multiple websites and inside more than a few magazines.

The old “cutting paracord with paracaord” trick.

Basically, the story goes, as long as you’ve got access to some extra paracord, you can use it to cut paracord.

Does this work? Can you really use paracord to cut paracord?

Well… that’s what you’re about to find out.

  • First: Click on the video screen below and watch the tip. It’s short and sweet and gets straight to the point. You’ll enjoy this.

  • Second: Click on the YouTube button above. Everytime we come up with a new video, you’ll be notified. No obligation whatsoever. Just another perk for being on my hotlist.

So watch the video now, click on the red “YouTube” button. It’ll take you to my YouTube page where you can hit a big red “Subscribe” button. Easy, and it means you’ll be alerted every time a new “Bushcraft Or Bullshit” post has been prepared and is ready and waiting for you to view.

Because there’s lots more to come. It’ll be a continual  stream of tips that’ll keep you in the gold and out of trouble. More eye-opening (and fun) stuff to come! So click on the YouTube icon above now to stay tuned.

For a safe life…

Bob Pierce
President, TRS Survival.

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12 thoughts on “Bullsh*t Survival Skills?”

  1. Not impressed. You do not need anchor points to cur paracord with paracord. Fold the rope you want to cut then step on it, wrap around your foot, or around a sturdy branch, then take the rope doing the cutting and use as a saw. The shorter and tighter the rope the faster it will cut as this makes the rope more taut and quicker to cut. Also there are environments where a rock is not easily obtainable such as a desert or rocks are too smooth to use for cutting. I did this when I was a kid.

  2. It’s used to cut bonds on your hand or feet. You loop a piece through your wrist bones overhand loops at both ends, slip them over your feet and use a bicycle motion to cut. Shoelaces work too, and will cut through zip ties too.

  3. I’ll still use cissors knife or fire for best cut all three are redeibly available but in life situations it’s good to know

  4. Thanks Bob you have been an ongoing source of tools and information that has helped to make me feel a bit more confident in this churned up world. Luckily I don’t live in the middle of some of the areas that seem to be in constant turmoil, but just knowing that I have acquired some of the skills to get by, if or when the problems are brought to me, makes me a bit more comfortable with my life and the safety of my family.

  5. You find you’re self in a situation you need to cut the cord it is something good to know. Till this point I didn’t know. Harry Hilton