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Gun Disarm – True Story – A Life Saving Self Defense Skill

I have a decent gun background as a recreational shooter. Nothing too heavy just some light competition at the local range. To be honest I have gotten pretty good with my revolvers and my 45 1911. I asked my gunsmith if he knew of course he could recommend some kind of course that would challenge me, l had totally lost interest in the lightweight shooting course my local range had to offer, l told him “Give me something to sink my teeth into.” He just smiled huge. I had no idea what the hell he has going on. “Come on pal do you know of anyone” His reply, “A couple of months ago I took a seminar from a guy named Bennie Cooley. I highly recommend it.”

I walked into this course wanting some serious experience in tactical combat shooting and gun disarm. I have absolutely no reservation saying that I was completely satisfied. Bennie gave me more than I could have hoped for. The combat shooting aside, Bennie’s topics on awareness of surroundings and mind set had a tremendous impact on me.

Like I said I went into the course hoping for some serious gun training and walked away with a total, practical system of self-defense. Ben Cooley is one of the best instructors I have ever had regardless of the subject. I have heard that many of these courses are kind of generic, but Bennies one-on-one instruction not only made the experience special, but the training is something I could use for a lifetime.

Since I travel for a living throughout the eastern seaboard I knew it was only a matter of time before these tactics and techniques would be employed. I only had to wait less than a month before some punk tested me:

I was on a business trip in Miami Beach and I went looking for an ATM to get some extra cash.

It was early evening in a busy, unfamiliar downtown area and the ATM was up a flight of stairs that led to an enclosed, secluded overhang. Almost to the ATM, I felt a hard, steel object thrust into the middle of my back.

A chilling desperate voice said, Give me your wallet, and put your card in the machine” I bought just a little time by hesitating and fumbling for my wallet all the while playing the good victim a la Bennie Cooley. Then using a gun disarm technique I learned from Bennie Cooley, I spun around and knocked the punks loaded 38 snub nose out of his hand.

gun disarm

Just as Bennie had told me and the rest of the students this little bastard was wide-eyed and frozen.

I took one step at this guy and he dashed down the steps. There is no doubt that he would have taken my wallet, took my cash, and then took my life.

I am a big man and usually don’t have any trouble like this. Just a little insight, I never in a million years would have guessed this would happen to me. Cooley’s training is great for regular, normal guys like me who want the security of being ready for any surprises…and believe me, they are out there!

Bennie Cooley is not only one of the world’s foremost championship competition handgun shooters, but also trains anti-terrorist units, and a multitude of SWAT teams all over the country. To get your hands on Bennie’s Fighting Mindset DVD package Click HERE, right NOW.

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