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Wicked and simple reaction to a two handed grab – Self Defense Video

By now you should know that most of the time you are going to be attacked by someone larger or stronger than you. Sometimes larger attackers decide that the easiest way to get what they want is to pick you up and throw you.

This technique is usually used by big guys who are unskilled and rely on their large stature to push people around. In this video clip Tom Proctor shows you a simple and highly effective self defense technique that can save your skin if you are ever threatened by an over-sized attacker why tried to throw you around with a two handed grab.

As you can see in the video above the key to this technique is not allowing the attacker to stay in a strong position. By trapping his hand and bending over you are taking him off balance. Once he is off balance his size and weight advantage is lost.

By performing a simple joint lock the larger opponent is thrown off balance and loses his advantage from the initial two handed grab

This technique is more that a simple joint lock. Using joint locks alone is always risky in a street fight. For that reason Tom has included high value strikes to soften up and distract the bigger man while you gain the upper hand. When you trap his hands with one of your hand you open him up for punishing strikes to his unprotected face. Use the rotational force from your legs and hips to deliver a hook to his jaw line. Be explosive, this also help to get him moving off balance in the direction your are trying to take him with the joint lock.

As Tom shows in the video once you have him off balance and tied up you can either take him to the ground or deliver a few quick and powerful elbow strikes to the face and get to safety.

For more simple solutions to common street attacks check out Tom Proctors Cage Fighter package.

For a safer life,
Bob Pierce
President FightFast.com / Threat Response Solutions

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21 thoughts on “Wicked and simple reaction to a two handed grab – Self Defense Video”

  1. Awesome! These are the things I’ve been teaching my young children. At first, they didn’t understand why, but when I repeat the things you guys have said in these videos, you can see the “light come on”…easy to learn…thank you!

  2. This was one of the first techniques Doug McLeod of Yen Ch’ing Tao, taught me some 25 yrs. ago. Very effective. And if the previous comment from mine is from Rick Reynolds of X-Tec fighting systems then be assured that this technique works!! I too have taught this move for years and it is simple and easy to learn. Excellent video. Check out X-Tec, many of the moves are based upon this principle. Aloha from Kauai!!

  3. I have taught this move, and the many things you can do off of this move, to thousands of people over the years as well as using it myself many times. And I have also used the movement in bar bets that have won me thousands of dollars. A friend picks the biggest guy in the bar and bets him that you can break his grab or choke hold and do it without hurting him! I’ve never lost that bet in about 40 years of doing it! It is a simple and natural movement and anyone of any size can do it.

  4. As operator in years past. I had occassion to get up close and personal. And this move when it is a natural response tool. It is a life saver. And a bad day for the bad guy who thought he was gonna work you,lol! Kids who get bullied should be taught this. Guranteed bullies will think twice because they won’t know what other tricks you have up your sleve.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I think I’ve seen this before but it seems I forgot it. It’s difficult to remember so many moves unless you review them all regularly.

  6. I usually do a knife strike. To the throat.then I take out his knee caps. With a heel strike .then I finish him with a strike at the side of the neck

  7. A good technique if the attacker is larger and intent on grabbing and pushing or throwing you backward, but not so much use, in my opinion, if they are a similar height and pulling you into a head-butt. In that case, the punch is likely to be slower than the head and will be likely to miss its fast-moving target. In such a case a completely different technique is called for.

  8. Great Stuff! Keep ’em coming. I’ve been teaching my two granddaughters going to college in NYC, One in NYU, the other in St Johns. They are constantly visiting one another…that means travelling in the bowels of NYC on the subways. A lot of bad people down there. Your defensive tactics have been a “Godsend” for me. Hope they are never put in a situation where they have to use them/