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The Monkey Flip – Lethal Defense Against a Front Tackle

A front tackle is usually used by a bigger man who is using his larger mass to take the advantage. Trying to stop him in his tracks is useless if you are smaller, it’s just basic physics. That’s why you need a move like this that doesn’t require you overpowering him.

Front Tackle Defense: Check opponent with both forearms against the shoulders.

This move is pretty simple. You check him with both of your forearms against his shoulders. This ensures that he doesn’t get a tight hold on you and prevent you from getting the guillotine.

Next you get the guillotine hold and drop to the ground. It’s very important that when you get the guillotine hold you have your forearm against his trachea.

Front Tackle Defense: Transition into a guillotine hold with the top of your forearm against his trachea.

As you go to the ground you keep one leg bend so that your knee is into his abdomen. Next you utilize your momentum and a push from the knee that’s into his abdomen to flip him over.

This is where this self defense technique gets lethal. If you retain control of his head in the guillotine when you flip him it will break his neck. This is not usually the goal of a self defense situation, but there may be times when you have no choice.

Front Tackle Defense: Drag opponent to the ground. CAUTION: this move is LETHAL

Because this is a lethal technique you should never practice it full speed, there are just too many things that can go wrong. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend practicing the flip part at and speed unless you and your training partner are very experienced it’s just too dangerous. Once his weight and momentum sends him over in the flip there is very little you can do to stop it. You’ll also want to make sure you have training mats for this one.

This is a great self defense move but only when your life is in serious danger.

For more self defense from former Delta Force Operator Billy Burke check out his Total Defense Package.

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292 thoughts on “The Monkey Flip – Lethal Defense Against a Front Tackle”

  1. My hubby and I tried this out. It works, But need to practice. So many things could go wrong.

  2. This move can work. The only reason to drop down on your back and try to flip them over is if the assailant is hitting you with a lot of forward momentum and your initial shoulder jam did not stop them and you are losing your balance and going down anyways. If you can sprawl your legs back while doing the shoulder jam, you have a much better chance of keeping it on the feet and are in a great position to apply a neck clinch with some knees to the head and body and/or apply a standing guillotine choke or figure 4 neck crank. If you are a wrestler, you can also front headlock them with one arm and ankle pick their leg with your other hand. I would rather try to keep on my feet if possible in a street situation, especially if multiple assailants are involved. This is not always possible, so having some solid ground skills is essential. One other note, be careful not to be too quick to try to break someones neck as the legal implications of this can come back to bite you. Better a choke out or a few knees to the head than breaking the neck.

    Thanks for sharing this video.

  3. Nice information, if and when ever I am attacked from the front, I’ll try and remember this move.

  4. You know I expected no less as usual this is a very good move to keep in the skull file just in case. Hopefully I will never need it but in today’s world you just never know who might be lurking around. Thank you and Billy for this great simple but effective move.

  5. I took Judo lessons many years ago. That looks much easier than it actually is. As with anything else, you must practice.

  6. Looks effective but I am very concerned about intentionally putting myself on my back with a bigger man on top of me. Prefer a knee to the face initially before laying down.

  7. I really like this. It looks easy to do and for someone who is only 5` 1/2 inches tall and female, workable. It remains for me to find a gym to practice the move in with a partner who comprehends how to do this maneuver also.

    Thank you.

    Alicia W.

  8. I just want to thank you. The videos that fight fast has posted are very helpful. I would really like to see some ground techniques. I’m good with my hands but I’ve recently injured my back and they are going to have to fuse a few vertebrae. So I will be losing mobility in the lower part of my back. So if you have any ideas for techniques please let me know. Again thank you for all you do for us.

  9. I really enjoyed the video it was clear and quick,(not that the other videos were not well done they were) the move I could of used many time. Keep them coming. Thanks guys

  10. Thank You, With all the crazy shit going on now days, Everyone needs an edge of some kind. Thank you again.

  11. Some of these Fight Fast styles and moves are something I can use, however, I need
    more instruction on how to protect and fight from a sitting position i.e. wheelchair.
    This is one reason why I have accepted several of your weapon offers, it’s very difficult
    to protect oneself with just two arms and barely the use of one leg.

  12. This is good information to own. Infinite responses to infinite situations. Everyone is different. How can anyone be critical or nit pick.

  13. This is good information to own. Infinite responses to infinite situations. Everyone is diferent. How can anyone be critical or nit pick.

  14. Bill has my vote. The monkey flip has several negatives in civilian defense (btw, cops are civilians). There are a lot of simpler and safer defenses against the tackle. Better than you landing on your back with a dying attacker, try these

    1.Turn/spin the charging bully by snagging an arm or even some clothing. Change his straight line into a tight circle with you at the center. Arm bar takedown from there.

    2. The classic judo hipflip. You whip an arm under his armpit. SIMULTANEOUSLY going under the attackers hip, you pivot his forward motion onto your hip. His feet fly up as his you spin a quick about face. He flips over your hip just as if he ran into a low fence in the dark.

  15. This is a very good self defense against opponents, God forbid if some one force you to stop their move or aggression in this manner.

  16. Excellent move based on the age old principal- if pushed you pull- if pulled you push- the bull rush is something you are far more likely( I’ve seen and expeienced it many times in my youth) to face in a fight ( combat) rather than in a “self defense” situation- I first saw this move in the militairy also- thats where it probably belongs-

  17. I’m a small guy (5’5″/145lbs) and will (and have) gotten blown over by attempting to stop a full frontal charge. I know (from 30 years of martial arts study) that a force-on-force encounter with a “normal” size person will knock me over – very likely before I can secure the guillotine. Also, tomen-age works better when there is forward motion, so the process of stopping your attacker, then starting the throwing motion is a lot of work. Even if done correctly, this would leave me on the ground – not where I want to be, especially in a multiple attacker scenario.

    Better to side-step the attacker and secure one arm which can then be broken and the attacker sent head-first into the ground. This leaves me standing and not faced with confronting my attacker’s energy head-on.

  18. I have never seen this before. I can’t even see myself practicing this move for fear of hurting my partner. I am glad, however, that you posted this as I have suffered at the hands of a larger opponent who took me down in this way.

  19. I have practiced it, as watching others trying to learn it has shown me that many repetitions are necessary for it to become second nature.

  20. Keep up the good work. We Geezers need refresher courses, and this is always a good way to get us together, have a chat, remember these holds, blows and antics. Too soon old, too late wise.

  21. This is a great move I have had to use it many times growing up in Oakland being short and white. Verry affective move! If you use… Use caution like they say it is very easy to snap a neck! Thanks for keeping America safe!

  22. I am speechless once again you guys never cease to amaze me great demo not only lethal but effective
    What can I say but great job.

  23. Wow really I was taught this move 41 years ago by a full contact martial arts fighter who the fla.st champ in the 140 led class

  24. Again speed and split second mind to body reaction- and a guy can just go with this and flip himself out of it to then have a surprised opponent at an advantage. with an elbow to the throat.
    Speed and the mental warrior-spirit can end the best laid plans in seconds; tho two evenly matched in this regard can shellac each other to a frazzle ~!

  25. After years of using self defense for the Norfolk Va Police dept, training from the ROK Tiger division, I have found your instructions have been a must learn for the good guys. The bad guys most of the time are only using scare tactics to over come us.
    Once found that the good guys know how to protect themselves, that the scare tactics don’t work anymore.
    Keep working to make America safe while walking down the street.

  26. Awesome move… But what do you tell the police when they haul your ass in for killing a violent bully? I would probably plead the fifth but NEVER for a moment would I hesitate to use the move to save my life and my loved ones. Thanks for such great material. Keep up the good work.

  27. good move and just throw your legs around him for good measure and choke him out, better and safer if in a critical situation

  28. I was attacked by a bigger guy well most guys are bigger than me anyways. I’m 5’6″ 190lbs , anyways size doesn’t matter if your prepared to defend yourself. Like I was saying this big guy came charging at me and I used his momentum to toss him like a rag doll. I just side stepped grabbing his shirt and pulling him in the same direction as his charge. Over and over he charged and over and over I tossed his big asd fairly easily.I could have snapped his neck with ur move and a quick jerk and twist but it was unnecessary in this case .

  29. Do you have any moves that a disabled man (me) could use considering I have limited mobility in my left leg and walk with a cane on that side? I am 6′ & weigh 260lbs, so I am not a small guy just a little slow on my feet.

  30. I appreciate the description of this report, in that it allows me to better describe to my oldest Grand-daughter the things necessary to defend herself against bigger far more aggressive adversaries. She and her younger sister and brother are working on Karate courses and have to understand, at some point that youi occasionally have to take it that far. The lesser aspects of this move can also help to put off less aggressive individuals, when they figure you know more than they do or thought. Thank you…

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