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The Monkey Flip – Lethal Defense Against a Front Tackle

A front tackle is usually used by a bigger man who is using his larger mass to take the advantage. Trying to stop him in his tracks is useless if you are smaller, it’s just basic physics. That’s why you need a move like this that doesn’t require you overpowering him.

Front Tackle Defense: Check opponent with both forearms against the shoulders.

This move is pretty simple. You check him with both of your forearms against his shoulders. This ensures that he doesn’t get a tight hold on you and prevent you from getting the guillotine.

Next you get the guillotine hold and drop to the ground. It’s very important that when you get the guillotine hold you have your forearm against his trachea.

Front Tackle Defense: Transition into a guillotine hold with the top of your forearm against his trachea.

As you go to the ground you keep one leg bend so that your knee is into his abdomen. Next you utilize your momentum and a push from the knee that’s into his abdomen to flip him over.

This is where this self defense technique gets lethal. If you retain control of his head in the guillotine when you flip him it will break his neck. This is not usually the goal of a self defense situation, but there may be times when you have no choice.

Front Tackle Defense: Drag opponent to the ground. CAUTION: this move is LETHAL

Because this is a lethal technique you should never practice it full speed, there are just too many things that can go wrong. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend practicing the flip part at and speed unless you and your training partner are very experienced it’s just too dangerous. Once his weight and momentum sends him over in the flip there is very little you can do to stop it. You’ll also want to make sure you have training mats for this one.

This is a great self defense move but only when your life is in serious danger.

For more self defense from former Delta Force Operator Billy Burke check out his Total Defense Package.

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292 thoughts on “The Monkey Flip – Lethal Defense Against a Front Tackle”

  1. Or just finish the guillotine. This move can be great two things to consider however,if something goes wrong between standing and rolling you just gave up a standing guillotine position and he lands right on top of you.also if you roll him you can roll backwards over your shoulder and land on top of him if you both land flat on your back its a scramble to see who takes control first. It seems a lot of seniors are checking this out that’s great. consider pepper spray as a great self defense tool fighting is an athletic endeavor. train hard

  2. I have to agree with Navy2013 on this one…Tomonage seems like a general counter move that anyone can use, but there are more cons with it than there are pros.
    1) they turn the moment you grab them, thus taking away your supporting leg’s leverage.
    2) If stuck in the “guillotine” position your face and eyes are susceptible to clawing techniques and eye gouging.
    3) there is a possibility that they are sensitive enough to feel the throw coming and switch from the Bull Rush to a strike (in some fashion) or dive towards your shins…you cannot grab the enemy if they do this.

    Possible solutions…
    1) with as much force as you can muster, double-palm push his forehead. Snapping his head back possibly damaging the cervical vertebrea, or crushing them together for some damage…to witnesses it will look like you were simply trying to push him away and not engage.
    2) grab the head (while moving back and to the side) and turn it as if throwing the enemy in a hip throw like fashion. You can even add a low sweeping roundhouse kick to the side of his closes knee to help. Note: that things can always go wrong with any technique and there are a lot for this one as well.
    3) you can always side step it and deliver a good knee right to the side of their face (possibly knocking them out or dazing them or breaking their jaw). This doesn’t work with MMA fighters for one simple reason, their defensive and evasive footwork sucks…running back and circling about is not defensive and/or evasive footwork.
    4) there are many more but you should get the point.

    One thing I never see instructors do is not only teach the strongpoints of such techniques, but also the weaknesses that the enemy may use against you. This is nothing more than the addition of the one-sided narrow-mindedness that plagues the martial arts world…and the reason for the numerous inherent weaknesses of each. It is the equivalent of spraying someone with holy water and telling them they are now invincible and indestructible (…).

  3. I worked as a bouncer for several years and one of my fellow bouncers was a recon ranger and he showed me this guillotine move which came in real handy 1 night. A drunk marine came into the club and was very belligerent when I asked him to leave I was around 185 he was at least to 220. After several minutes I was able to lock the quillotine in and the fight was over. I really appreciate your defence tips and have purchased several of your dvds and have begun practicing these with a friend. I now have Parkinsins Disease and pleased to say that your moves are simple enough that I am confident that I can still protect myself and family if that time arises. Thank you and keep the tips coming.Clayton L. from Charlotte N.C.

  4. As a very experienced wrestler (I’m 58 and still compete), I really doubt that this move will work. A “blast” double leg tackle, much as is used in MMA fighting is very difficult to stop. Even the MMA fighters don’t see it coming and are unable to block it with their forearms or sprawl, wrestling defense style. Sometimes (just sometimes) they are able to get a head and arm trap on their opponent who shoots the double leg, but not even the MMA fighters use this monkey flip. Also, you will be unable to break the neck of a man with a very strong neck, such as a wrestler or football lineman. Since you really can’t practice this hold, because of the potential danger to your practice partner, an inexperienced man is more likely to drag his opponent down on top of himself rather than monkey flip him.

  5. I have been developing my style YAHWEH-DO for 40 years. I always start all my tactics with vicious street effectivity, and simplicity. This demonstration has all these elements. My only suggestion is the stunning or incapacitating initial blow must be lethal in nature, such as a strong strike to the throat, before initiating the Monkey-Flip Tactic. Most people don’t develop these lethal tactics in the Dojo, because they are difficult to practice without causing injuries. When you are in a life and death situation, your focus should only be on lethal tactics to survive and you should train accordingly. End of story. I am very thankful to Mr. Billy Burke for empowering the decent folks out there with weaponized lethal tactics in their arsenal of knowledge. Knowledge is power to ensure your survival. The general population doesn’t understand that in this violent jungle of a world we live in, your 10 times more likely to be hurt or killed on the street then dying of natural causes. I believe in being proactive with your personal and loved one’s security in this dangerous world. It’s like not knowing how swim in water. You would be surprised how many people I’ve encountered who don’t know how. To me your only aiding the forces against you in your demise by not preparing for what will surely come. The same is true of self-defense training. You’re chances are great, probably as many as 30 or more life and death incidents will occur in your lifetime, and sometimes the lives of your loved one’s will hang in the balance. It’s your choice to prepare and survive, or not prepare and be murdered like sheep. As with most things in life, the action of no action makes for negative results. Ultimately, people are complacent despite the overwhelming evidence in the daily news. I encourage all to learn and teach your loved ones self-defense.

  6. From the comments above it should be obvious he is trying to show something for everyone. Don’t do the monkey flip. Stomp on his knee or zap him with a hand taser. No one expects a person with difficulties to do a high side kick but when you chop the trunk the tree will fall with a thud.
    Remember: EVERYTHING is a weapon. Heck bash him on the skull with the salt shaker. Throw a drink in his face, spit on him and then stomp the knee. I think Mr. Pierce isn’t expecting you to do this but expecting you to innovate. Maybe you can’t flip him but the headlock and you just squat and you turn slightly to his head side and you will bounced his coconut off the floor. Bite, spit scratch. If you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck. Him or you. Maybe both but he will be sorry. Make him sorry he messed with you the low life punk. Your ancestors will sing songs around the fire about your heroic effort.
    My opinion only. Best wishes!!

    30 year Chaplain LTJG CQC Inst.

  7. Billy Burke is a dangerous man!!love his style of fighting no nonsense and lethal results.Will order his and Jim West’s material soon. Keep up the good work Bob!

  8. The choke move is great because so many people stick their neck forward however as you fall back I would NOT recommend trying to hold him with your knee. I would wrap both your legs around his waist and pull up on the neck while your arch your back and pull down on the waist with your legs. If you pull too hard you could dislocate the upper spine. You cannot get out of this hold. BTW flipping him over as shown will NOT break the neck. It will simply take his neck from flexion and a choke to roughly neutral or slightly extended and you might lose your chokehold. I’ve done both moves many times on jujitsu class and a few times in actual fights.

  9. Bob,

    I’ve been using this move (and others)for the last 40 yrs.(55yrs young now) Never needed to use complete implimentation… One other response I’ve had fun with is a modified piledriver where the attackers head does not contact ground, but attackers face is used as a skid plate, with gravel parking lot having most desirerable result in an attack!.
    Thanks for work and the knowledge you share.

  10. BOB, These short videos are great. I am retired and on a limited income with a wife which is a invalid. We have alot of debt on her health care, so I am greatful for these free vids. I have them all you have sent me. I practice them and they have saved our asses on several occassions. You don’t know how good it feels to be able to do these simple moves to protect my wife and me. Thanks again and again and again……Robert. PS, I am in my 70’s

  11. others pointed to it but a very useful move in Judo…. either a full sacrafice “Tamoe Nagi” or a half sacrafice. This is easy to practice without risk with mats or a cushy grass yard. Your partner needs to know how to fall… Of course the choke hold is not practiced just the throw

    By the way most important training tip you should add is proper way to fall forward and backward… could save alot of damage even in non fight situations

    If you watch the old WWII training videos do this with their rifles… our former Judo Since taught this to US Army

    Your emails and videos remind me so much of practicing combat Tai Chi sprinkled with a bit of Judo and ground fighting

    Reality is have to keep it simple, have the ability to turn on a serious warrior attitude and know the weakness of the typical predator. Most predators are rigid, stiff and maybe in a hurry. If you can stay calm and relaxed in face of a threat and pick maybe 1 of 3 default techniques… you have a chance to at least stun them and get away

    The challenge is what weapons do they have or their “friends” have ?

    Another useful technique is leaning staff fighting as a rake or a broom could give you the edge you need to survive against a larger attacker or an attacker with a knife

    Now you just need to figure out how to not let the “bad guys” read your stuff 🙂

  12. Hey Bob,
    We used to practice this as a defense against the bum rush, but without the posting of the neck. It was just a take-down throw. I like Billy’s version better!
    Thanks, Steven

  13. I love your tips and kudos to your lady instructor. I started my daughter in martial arts at 5 years old. While that has proved to be a smart move, I was single at the time and could only afford it for her. I have always felt that women should have some basic defense skills. I pack heat, but your gun is not always available. I like the fact that you teach moves that do not take years to learn and ladies can do them also. I feel more confident that I can handle a situation with out relying on my gun. Lets face it ladies, their are to many crazy people these days. You need to take responsibility for your safety and teach your daughters the same thing! Thank you for all the great information.


  15. The most straightforward execution will be to prevent the head from hitting the abdomen by holding it on the ground, BUT, that results in neck break. Not for children or the playground!

  16. Great Move ! Guys, really liked this one. I,ve never really known how to handle a person charging @ me to take me down . Great lesson. Love these videos……….

  17. I love these video clips. I practice the not so physical ones with my wife and we are both impressed! We are each 63 years old. I got her to let me practice these on her by telling her it’s my job to make sure she stays safe. Your videos of self defense are knowledge – and knowledge is power. Thank you! Tony B

  18. Thanks for the straight to the point defense moves. Always great to add to one’s toolbox of options. Keeps sending them!

  19. Having spent many years in Judo I can tell you this move is excellent. When rushed by an opponent and for non-lethal usage it is best to stay loose and let his momentum do the work. Simply grab hold of his clothing, sit back on your heels, raise your leg into his midsection/crotch and pull him over you with your strong corresponding arm – right leg = right arm. His forward momentum does much of the work. If you still have a grip on him you can spring back up and connect a few kidney kicks or leave. With this move it truly is the bigger they are the harder they fall!
    Thanks Bob – good stuff as always.

  20. Definately DANGEROUS Did this in Martial arts 15 yrs ago and BROKE my C2 vertebrae. Should have been dead or a Quadraplegic

  21. Thank you for all this info,it’s agreat public service to know that if you have no other way out you can use these moves. I’m not a trouble maker but if need be I will use anything I can. These moves are not dirty fighting the only clean fights are supposed to be in a ring. I spent a lot of years in the RCR Royal Canadian Regiment and I have never learned a lot of these moves keep up the good work. When I start to work again I will order some of your lessons. Lorne Amyotte.

    PS my gal pal also loves this stuff we practice it daily.

  22. This is good but like many have mentioned being 65, if a 250lb,30ish man charged me would I be able to take the shock of him hitting my forarms to stop him. Doing the rest of the moves, if I could stop him I think I could do even to the point of breaking the neck if it came to that. I really enjoyed the video and I feel like it is something to add to my selfdefence arsinal, thanks for the info.

  23. Are you sure this other guy is okay? He looked like he was hurt after the move was complete..I think this is a great move for a younger larger person. I am short 5ft 1 1/2 and an older female..is there a variation of this move that can be made my a shorter person than the instructor in this video? I watch and study all your videos and I can’t thank you enough for making them possible.

  24. What if his mass and momentum is too great for you to stop with your forearms? What if he is also not in the ideal position to do this block with the forearms?

  25. This tactic has been effective in the surprise and control of women. Let’s see a real bull rush attack on a small woman. Let’s see if she can free herself from a determined
    male. Women are killed regularly when tackled (bull rushed) and taken to a secondary location. Thank you for these great tips!

  26. Looks good but you seem to be leaving your leg exposed for a take down. Maybe it doesn’t matter if he takes your leg because he’s going over anyway. The natural reaction seems like it would be to hop back in a sprawl move to avoid letting him take your legs. But then you would not be in a position to flip him. Looks like a good and simple move that will work with a little practice.

  27. A Krav Maga first principle is never go to the ground. In this technique, you may neutralize the threat from one attacker, but injure yourself on a curb or something sharp on the ground and leave yourself vulnerable to being stomped to death by his posse. Even if you think your attacker is alone, he may have friends nearby. Much better to stay up yourself (or drop to one knee if your attacker is strong enough to overcome the guillotine), maintain the choke hold and keep your attacker between you and other attackers until he passes out while you can maneuver him to give you the best angle to engage the others(if you crush the hyoid bone in his throat, he may not wake up). If he appears to be alone, you can release him after he passes out and not have to face “unreasonable force” manslaughter charges that will ruin your life.

  28. hello bob thanks again for trainning tip, all your stuff is great, ill keep learning i want the karn magra stuff lol mike in milwaukee, thanks again

  29. This move must be done quickly in order to control a much bigger and heaver person,correct ? I remembered this move from my Ranger training 30 years ago,but forgot it.

  30. To make the has sentence before, “pounce on me,” to make sense, it should read, if this technique is all you can think of when rushed by a dirt bag, he has just committed his soul…..etc.

  31. I taught unarmed defense in the Air Police. (Back when the USAF was flying Pterydactyls) and thought I knew a lot. Your DVD’s are beyond belief. As I am no longer of the age to go on equal footing with an attacker, as if I ever wanted to do that, I like this Tomonagi. If he gets past anything else I can do to him, and this is all that’s left, I’m glad to see how to turn it into a combat throw that will more than make him wish he’d taken the day off rather than pounce on me. If that’s all you can think of, he committed his soul to God and his ass belongs to me!

    It occurs to me that maybe a good bottom fist strike to the neck as he tries to bowl you over might ruin his whole day as well.

    Keep up the good work. I’m living proof that what I thought I knew about unarmed defense was a joke compared to what I’m learning from your associates. Thanks!

  32. the double leg attack is a very underrated move .and when done by a capable wrestler who hides it behind a flurry of punches it can almost be impossible to stop without much practice .as a kid who had boxed. I was very surprised when a bully who was trying to take my lunch money . walked thru my punches and continued to double leg me .I knew boxing had no answer for the double leg so I asked karate guys I had known. their foolish ans was kick him I knew that wouldnt work for me. one foot in the air would only make me more vunable to more take downs. needless to say as time went by I forgot about defending the leg take downs .until one night at a bar . about the age of 20 some guys starting bother me . when things didnt go so well for them . they went and got there friend who was a division 1 wrestler . while we were standing I was having a easy time with him and wodered how he was still standing any way it happened againg the dreaded double leg he took me down about 5 times that night with it .any way I to old for thatstuff now . but when my kids first started practicing mixed martial arts I said you have to seek out sparte wrestling training to stop the dreaded double leg

  33. Great technique to see and practice. Is there any defense to this move and is the tackle a bad idea to do against an opponent. What would be a more effective way of taking an opponent to the ground.

  34. Wow it is simply and nicely done and very effective,it shut done the airway threatens to break the neck and forces him to surrender to the rest of the your move, I give it thumbs up. If you are to give it few minits it will drain the energy away from him and by the time you let him go his neck will be in pain and he be out of breath.Thanx for technic will be signing up with you for more self defence methods very soon. ta

  35. Dear friend Billy,
    I am a 80 year old pensioner and an avid reader of all your fighting techniques.
    Thankyou for the tips you put out each day, sometimes with complete instructions.

    Sadly a pensioners salary can only be stretched as far as vital nececcities for living, otherwise I would have purchased your course from the very first. (South Africa can be a very dangerous place for the elderly)
    Never the less I just felt it right that even though I can’t purchase, I should at least thank you for the techniques that you send out. THANKYOU VERY MUCH BILL.

  36. i found this video to be very informative. thanks for teaching me this. every day it blows my mind how much i dont know about fighting(street fighting). you can trust me with things of this nature as i dont teach anyone but women ignorant towards self defense things like this. i personally do not enjoy fighting but i love knowing how to fight. i could of been an amature cage fighter but i have a problem beating someones ass i dont have a personal problem with. i will enjoy learning more combatives from you guys if you would be so gracious as to teach me. thanks a lot. david

  37. Great move!

    I’m old and an about 30% disabled, therefore I try to absorb every bit of info about self defense that I can get. I try to replay every one of these tactics many times to help me remember each detail about them.

    Thank you so much.

  38. Good one, I really like these videos. They are a great inspiration for self defense and possible street fights. I feel more confident with my family and myself when going out.

    Thanks again for the video clips.

    Ken Matthews

  39. Just exactly what do you want? I’m 70, 5 bypasses,1 heart attack, diabetes and a mega volume of drugs.

  40. I’m 68 years old, 6’2″ and weigh 210. I’m in fairly decent shape. Could age be a factor in what would be doable self-defense? This a question nobody addressed yet.

    1. Hello Russ,
      Age is certainly a factor in self defense, however most of the techniques taught in my instructional DVD packages are designed to be used by nearly anyone. The particular move in this video clip would not be a great move for someone with mobility issues. However if you are in decent shape you should be able to use nearly any move shown in my videos. If you are concerned about finding a self defense system which is designed specifically for someone who has lost flexibility etc. I would recommend taking a look at Paul Vunak’s Enigma DVD or Rick Reynold’s X-Tec Fighting System.
      Hope this helps.

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