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The Monkey Flip – Lethal Defense Against a Front Tackle

A front tackle is usually used by a bigger man who is using his larger mass to take the advantage. Trying to stop him in his tracks is useless if you are smaller, it’s just basic physics. That’s why you need a move like this that doesn’t require you overpowering him.

Front Tackle Defense: Check opponent with both forearms against the shoulders.

This move is pretty simple. You check him with both of your forearms against his shoulders. This ensures that he doesn’t get a tight hold on you and prevent you from getting the guillotine.

Next you get the guillotine hold and drop to the ground. It’s very important that when you get the guillotine hold you have your forearm against his trachea.

Front Tackle Defense: Transition into a guillotine hold with the top of your forearm against his trachea.

As you go to the ground you keep one leg bend so that your knee is into his abdomen. Next you utilize your momentum and a push from the knee that’s into his abdomen to flip him over.

This is where this self defense technique gets lethal. If you retain control of his head in the guillotine when you flip him it will break his neck. This is not usually the goal of a self defense situation, but there may be times when you have no choice.

Front Tackle Defense: Drag opponent to the ground. CAUTION: this move is LETHAL

Because this is a lethal technique you should never practice it full speed, there are just too many things that can go wrong. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend practicing the flip part at and speed unless you and your training partner are very experienced it’s just too dangerous. Once his weight and momentum sends him over in the flip there is very little you can do to stop it. You’ll also want to make sure you have training mats for this one.

This is a great self defense move but only when your life is in serious danger.

For more self defense from former Delta Force Operator Billy Burke check out his Total Defense Package.

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292 thoughts on “The Monkey Flip – Lethal Defense Against a Front Tackle”

  1. Attacker’s broken neck is (or would be) the result of his wrong thinking and acting. A matter of natural selection, so to speak. Otherwise, a helluva cool move. Thank you.

  2. Checking a larger opponent coming fast would be difficult for a smaller person not as strong as Burke. You would also have to be careful to roll straight back and not to one side. Other than that, cool move.

  3. My Dad (whom was a PT instructor in the Army) taught me that move, among others, so I could protect myself from bullies at school !! It is a valuable maneuver but definitely needs a bit of practice so you don’t break the neck of the attacker. Knowing when to release needs timing, and then you are free to roll over and get a knee or forearm against the attacker’s neck to hold him in place.

  4. A very efficient way to put out of action any agressor who attempts a bull charge. If it is a criminal who wants to do a lot of damage, thi s technique will permanently neutralize him.

  5. Great techniques guys. I love them all, and have learned SO much. I have an invention for a home safety product, and was wondering where I could send a complete diagram of my idea, that even a person with literally NO experience in wood working, or carpentry could easily build in just a few minutes. I was wondering where I could submit the idea.

  6. I really enjoyed learning this technique and hopefully I won’t ever have to use it, but it may some day save my life. Thank you very much and I would really enjoy watching your self defence videos. Now at age 65 and not as strong as when I was thirty and in the police force, I fine your videos very helpful.
    Ralph Lugo

  7. P.s if someone charges you it is a serious threat. Don’t think for one minute what a officer would do if he was in that position and had to defend. Out come would be way worse

  8. Very good move also with a quick thing you could turn this in to a choke out sleeper hold …..lights out with out risk of breaking the neck.

  9. Efective move but all of you should realize the decision maker is to evaluate the
    Cituation and act with no delay and ..always ,daily, keep your self yr body in shape
    Otherwise the technic shall fail…

  10. Yes it is real way out but in case you do not intend to finish him and still keep him
    Unter control possibly there are other alternatives ,what is your version ???

  11. This is a good technique I have seen used one time in the past someone else used it the guy that used it was maybe 150 in weight his attacker was about275in body mass after his attackers head hit the concrete hard
    and he strated to flip he let go and rolled out and left quickly

  12. This looks like a nice move but there are two problems:
    1. If the guy outweighs you by more than 70 pounds, for example, his momentum may push you over -before- you stop his shoulders with the block.
    2. This more puts you on the ground where his buddies can stomp you.

  13. It’s a great move but some individual’s
    Will be tempted to see just how much
    damage it will actually do.

  14. Awesome!!! it’s amazing what knowledge and training can do to prevent an average size guy from taking a beating !!!

  15. The biggest problem I have with this one is hurting your practice partner by accident.

  16. This is a good move to know for when I feel that my life is in danger. Keep up the good work at showing good defensive moves.

  17. Oh. “Only when your life in “serious” danger”. Is that different than a bit of danger? I walk from every fight I can. I, and I thought, everyone else on this training, walks UNLESS our life is in “serious” danger. Someone take me to school, please.

  18. Of course you would only use this move in situations where your life is in danger.

  19. Interesting title; note that when U snap a man’s/woman’s neck that their body goes into convulsions. If U ever have to do this Be aware that muscular spasms do occur, it’s not pleasant but then they shouldn’t have attacked.

  20. Thank you Bob for this free tip as well as other free niceties you have sent along with the very useful DVDs and products that I have bought from you Thanks andcontinued success to you Eddie Earl Hatch

  21. Yes. I remember, Tomoe Nage. (Stomach) , and atemí waza, striking and kicking forms.
    Highly effective for the chaotic streets. Nowadays one has to kill the attacker. If not he or they will find you and kill you.

  22. This was my favorite move when I was in wrestling except i didnt throw them over me , I would get them in a cradle & pin them before they knew what happened. Slamming them head first 9 times out of 10 they wouldn’t know what happened

  23. Today is no joke. If that’s the kind of thing that’s necessary. Then that’s the thing to do. You are the only one of you there is, fight like a thousand, don’t think about it, let you the fine tuned mechine take over and get the bad jobs over with now, who wants to carry on with what is known to be the threat, especially if it can Strike Back, the threat is a threat because it made itself known to be one. If that’s the facts. Then remove the thing that is causing a spoiling. And feel comfortable knowing that you did it as a service to all. And remain a silent hero. Peace, the Flame-O-Justice

  24. Fantastic demonstration of critical information; especially for women! Nicely broken down into understandable steps. Thanks so much!

  25. So good to have training that can give me more than a chance to survive against the young thugs of today who have a total disregard for life. I am trying to make it more than knowledge, but weapons of personal defense that I can help,my wife to try to be one step ahead when she and I are put in a compromising situation.

  26. Now that I am 64 years old and not as strong as I use to be i really appreciate your advice on how to protect myself. Thanks keep it coming

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