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Devastating Oblique Kick to Take Out Attackers Knee

Like Paul says in the video it doesn’t get much simpler than this. And simplicity is exactly what makes this move so effective.

When adrenaline is rushing through your system this is exactly the kind of simple and effective move you will still be able to remember and execute.

This self defense technique targets the knee which as you know is a very vulnerable joint. Not only is it anatomically vulnerable, it is rarely defended by an attacker who is much more worried about a punch to his face.

Since most common fighting stances puts one leg (the lead leg) in front of the other most attackers will be giving you an open invitation to take out that lead knee.

The key to making this move successful is to strike the knee right when he shows signs of throwing a punch. By making the move quick you will strike him first taking out his ability to stand and deliver the punch.

This is not a lead off move. Your attacker must be distracted in order to use this little self defense trick.

Also as Paul said in the video when you are practicing this self defense technique be sure to have your partner keep his knee bent and aim for his shin. The knee is very sensitive and even at practice speed landing your foot on a locked out knee can cause a lot of damage.

Oblique Kick: Strike the knee

Now go practice this technique, it’s way too easy not to learn, just one more self defense technique in your nasty bag of fighting tricks.

If you want to learn more simple and devastatingly effective street fighting techniques from Paul Vunak check out The Enigma Self-Preservation & Deadly Arts Package.

Paul is a Jeet Kune Do master who learned under Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s main student and training partner). He also a master in several other arts and is so well respected in the industry he was hired by the Navy to teach his hand to hand and knife fighting skills to the Navy SEALs including the elite SEAL Team 6.

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