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Simple to Use Elbow Joint Lock Takedown

In most self defense situations you want to hit your opponent first, follow up with more punishing strikes, and get the hell out of the situation as fast as possible. For that reason don’t usually emphasize blocks or joint locks that keep you close to your opponent for extended periods of time.

Joint Lock Take Down - Side Step The Attack
However there are a number of situations where you simply can’t take out your attacker and flee. On top of that knowing a few simple blocking and joint locking techniques is crucial because like it or not you will occasionally get taken by surprise, or need to control an attacker.

Lock The Elbow Joint For a Takedown
This move is perfect for a situation where a guy is coming out of nowhere with a right haymaker. As you can see in the video you simply step to the right (getting off his center line) and block the punch while simultaneously putting him into a joint lock.

In certain street fight situations it is also necessary to contain and control your attacker. If you are alone this is not a wise strategy, however we are often with loved ones or close friends and need to control the attacker to prevent others from getting hurt and give them a chance to escape.

This type of self defense requires contain and control techniques. The takedown in this video is ideal because it allows you to control him all the way to the ground and keep him compliant by putting extreme force on his elbow and shoulder joints.

Make sure you practice this self defense move on training mats, unless you don’t mind a bruised tailbone. If you want to see more techniques from Gabriel Garcia’s Mean Streets Click Here

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396 thoughts on “Simple to Use Elbow Joint Lock Takedown”

  1. I enjoy watching your videos on self defence. Teaches me much. Appreciated. As a woman, sure is handy. Thanks so much guys

  2. This guy sure makes it look easy, with practice I can see this effectively executed.

  3. Great move to surprise lock his elbow but his other arm is free to retaliate.
    How do I avoid this possibility ? Speed?

  4. Great way to show a simple but brilliant way to grab someone with control & without great effort. Many people are faced with someone who is larger then themselves, & it is a great deterrent to be able to see how easy it is to implement this move to disable the intruder. Thanks, Sharon

  5. I love your Self-Defense Vidios, I studied the martial arts from 14 years old and finished my training when I left the Navy and I think your Videos are great for anyone who has not have any training.

  6. I’m 71 years old and don’t have very much training (5 years of savate 20 years ago and a yellow belt in judo from before I moved on to girls), so thanks for the tip. It’s good to have a little confidence these days.

  7. I am 6′-1″ 200 lbs. and experienced a larger person throw a left hand round-house haymaker at my head, which was easily blocked by a similar technique as you demonstrate here. However, I did not step in close enough to take all of the power off the swing. I stepped in, blocked with my right arm and grabbed his left wrist and pulled down in an attempt to use his momentum to flip him over me and onto his back, as I have done before, but there was loose gravel and loss of traction caused me to loose leverage and fall before I could flip him over me. Fortunately, my hold on his left wrist with my left hand and my right hand behind his head I was able to drag him down face first into the gravel and land on top of him with control of his left arm twisted at a right angle behind his back. His head was held in the gravel with my right forearm and keeping upward pressure on his left arm bent behind his back allowed the option to dislocate shoulder or break arm if there was resistance. Do you force the injury or allow him to get up with superficial injuries ? It is an unknown if he is released if he will re-ingage or walk away. This was in the parking lot of a bar in the small town where my family has lived and farmed more than 150 years. I didn’t want to seriously injure a local boy. I was confident in my ability to hurt him if he still had fight left. But nothing is certain in these situations. What would you have done ?

  8. great tech………..but it takes about 100 – 200 reps for it to become muscle memory. trainees should not settle for anything less.

  9. Very good move I have learned these moves over and over. They are great for instant stoppage of an attack and though the attacker can and most likely end up with broken bones, he will be the one on the ground not you!

  10. I liked this move. It’s simple and easy to learn in seconds. It will be a very effective surprise counter attack. I love it. Thank you for sharing this move with us.

  11. Hi. Thanks for the responds. Very useful. But I need some one who can do practical with me. I get better results that way. Do you know off any one who can do that for me. I don’t want a lot off people to know this. Is do it purely for my family’s protection and for myself. You can say short intence hands on training.

  12. Very good way to take a attacker down and it works very well, just be sure that you get your arm around the attackers up high enough to lock the arm, Then you could step behind attackers leg and just push head up or push on the neck with out the choke. This technique is from Aikido.

    REPLY TO RON WEST: I’m still teaching Martial Arts at 73 years of age and know of a few more Instructors around my age that still teach, so do not think that you could not defend yourself if needed, if you learned the correct methods and techniques you may be surprised at how much and fast your reflex actions will come back when needed.

  13. As you complete your takedown, be sure to scan the aeria for other pack members to the one that you just put on the ground. Predators and bullies often travel in groups, and being preoccupied with one will often leave you exposed to attack from the others. Words to the wise.

  14. To whom it may concern thanks ever so much for the street preparation you have though me over the past time, now my street movement are saved, family,friends and lovers will always be save if i am around them no man is going to beat my new technique of which i learn from fight
    fast thanks ever so much.

  15. The technical application is good but it is very important that all your movies are done with absolute naturalness relaxed and flow. Without thinking!! It must be part of you like driving a car!! Like if a dog or a child runs out in front of you. You hit the brake with fluency. If you have to think about it. It’s to late you have hit the dog end off.!! All movement’s MUST BE Absolutely natural and with Condition!!!

  16. Above move demonstrates ability to control target, I suggest the forearm to ribs as soon as have him on ground and depending on situation forearm to throat to eliminate threat permanently. Before releasing break arm to assure he does not get up in the case he survives your first attack. In my world I call this a blitz lights out response. When behind lines I cannot take prisoners and this is a very fast kill move.

  17. Yes that is a good technique. I used it when I was a police officer. A lot of people that are under the influence of alcohol will try to grap you or put out there arms in an attempt to resist arrest. I used this method many times. They are generally so surprised they will quit the resistance. Thank you for input, I really enjoy the martial arts. However I am 75 years old and operate in slow motion. ???I now employ my brother to protect me. His name is Smith& Wesson

  18. Hot damn! I could use that on my mother-in-law at this years family Christmas dinner……just kidding.

  19. A simple but highly effective ‘take-down’ move and,if combined with (hopefully) situational awareness,ends the matter quickly.
    Keep these reminder lessons coming Gabriel.

  20. This move does work very well it’s one of the defence moves taught to me in martial arts class I’m a first degree black in kenpo . I’ve personally used this move twice in real life combat.

  21. I like it is very effective and quick way to put down your opponent awesome.
    Great video also useful think to learn. Thanks

  22. Great video, that was easier than I thought. I don’t get caught off guard often, but when I do this is what I’ll do. It’s a lot like Tae kwon doe

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