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Simple Self Defense Kick to Stop Attackers and Put Them On Their Heels

As you can see in the video this is a very effective self defense kick for several reasons. First, it utilizes your body weight to deliver a powerful blow. Second, it doesn’t require any fancy skills. Third, when done full speed there are few defenses against this kind of kick.

The key is to step into the kick. As Tommy says in the video the movement is up and then out so the force is pushing the attacker backwards.

This is also a great street fighting move because it allows you to keep some distance between you and your attacker. You can strike him with this kick before he is close enough to throw an elbow, punch, or even a kick of his own.

This kick won’t get you off balance either, when you do it correctly your weight stays on your center line and only moves forward.

You can use this kick in many street fight circumstances but it is perfect for situations where an attacker is approaching you aggressively and you want to keep him back and stay out of his punching range.

This kick will stop him like a ton of bricks and allow you to take the offensive. It will reverse the situation putting him on his heels and allow you to close the distance on your own terms or simply escape the situation, your choice.

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269 thoughts on “Simple Self Defense Kick to Stop Attackers and Put Them On Their Heels”

  1. Tommy, Very good video, clean, simple and to-the-point. Unfortunately, in my country, (New Zealand) if you were to say bust the guys sternum, you would be done by the cops for GBH. and sentenced to jail.
    (GBH) Grevious bodily harm.

  2. A third generation green barrette (room mate) once taught me how to kill a guy in six seconds with two fingers! Just saying that has got me out of a couple awkward situations! You guys are wonderful. Thank you,
    Brian 🙂

  3. Thank you for the invaluable training videos
    Find myself always looking for the next one
    Love your merchandise offers

  4. Good video.
    Every sane person should see this video & all other training video’s they have. They’re easy to follow & could save your or your families life one day.

  5. Hi Bob. I’m fifty years old and have busted my hands in the street many times over the years. I normally would just shake it off. I’m paying for it with arthritis and i have to say these days it hurts like hell. Thank you sir for helping me explore new options.

  6. I’m a 120 pound petite woman. Wondering if this would be as effective on a man larger than me maybe even double my weight. Id love to see it demonstrated full force. I know, practice practice. Thanks for the tips I love them.

  7. Excellent teaching. I will be practising this and information from Video 1. Just knowing what you have shared thus far is restoring the confidence level in me that I had in my youth…

  8. Ecxelent videos I really didn’t know there was a title for the way I fight. I really like to cram my fingers into eyes, pull hair and twist and shake heads violently at the same time . Which has never let me down. Like the videos I am in the fight to win, Strike first because their first could stop you. Unlike Street Fighting I fight drunks . I like to play Pool and am real good, But to drink Pop in a bar brings on stupid people. A really good first is to push the beer table onto the victim and stand up the automatic reaction is to save the beer instantly leaving their hands table height Then as hard as I can I cram their eyes and smash their chin and have put many drunks into unconciousness only to have them waking up on the floor still calling me a c*** sucker without realizing they are on the floor Thanks for all the info I enjoy your site, Some one once said You fight like a girl and I said Girls are smart they fight like me
    Thanks again Bruce from Hell

  9. awesome, I am a Fireman and we train to use that same kick on doors if you don’t have a tool with you.

  10. Beautiful foot work. Movements reminiscent of the Ving Chun ‘take the centerline’ posture for delivery of forward energy… Thanks for sharing

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