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Simple Self Defense Kick to Stop Attackers and Put Them On Their Heels

As you can see in the video this is a very effective self defense kick for several reasons. First, it utilizes your body weight to deliver a powerful blow. Second, it doesn’t require any fancy skills. Third, when done full speed there are few defenses against this kind of kick.

The key is to step into the kick. As Tommy says in the video the movement is up and then out so the force is pushing the attacker backwards.

This is also a great street fighting move because it allows you to keep some distance between you and your attacker. You can strike him with this kick before he is close enough to throw an elbow, punch, or even a kick of his own.

This kick won’t get you off balance either, when you do it correctly your weight stays on your center line and only moves forward.

You can use this kick in many street fight circumstances but it is perfect for situations where an attacker is approaching you aggressively and you want to keep him back and stay out of his punching range.

This kick will stop him like a ton of bricks and allow you to take the offensive. It will reverse the situation putting him on his heels and allow you to close the distance on your own terms or simply escape the situation, your choice.

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267 thoughts on “Simple Self Defense Kick to Stop Attackers and Put Them On Their Heels”

  1. We are taught that kick in Unified Taekwondo keeping your centre of gravity forward so your body weight falls in it



  3. I’ve heard friends of mine that are police officers that have used that same key to open Kik open doors and they said that it’s very effective in a street fight you don’t have to be super flexible to do it I actually believe this will be a great technique to learn for me to learn and practice

  4. You guys are demonstrating some really
    good tecniques which I sincerely appreciate. My thanks to each of you
    for simplifying, and making it easy to
    understand! You guys are great!

  5. I want to know what can I do to able stretch my legs so that I can be able to kick a 1,8m tall man on the head…I want the best possible method to train cos its painful when I try..

  6. From the UK.

    This type of pushing/stomp kick is called Zenpo Geri in Ninpo Tai Jutsu. To make it more powerful than in the video above, the kick comes from the back leg, using the whole body the hand guard must be aligned with the kicking leg when the knee is raised and folllowed through with the kick. The transfer of weight has to be correct when kickinging as you drive in kick you drive it in with same shoulder as well. i.e. Right Kick, Guard leading with the right hand and right shoulder.
    The snap kicks or shock kicks do work and can be an absolute killer especially if you wear steelies (Steel Toe Capped Boots). But are best used by moving off angle and destroying the knee or lower leg.

  7. Thank you so much. By not being aware of these simple right/wrong method indications, I would have done this completely wrong and probably ended up on the floor!

  8. I have 40 yr of experience in the martial arts,and i,just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge on self defense,I’m leaning so much from your videos.

  9. Bob thank you so much for the link to Vlad’s video on defense from a seated position. As a disabled woman I have wondered what I would or could do from a seated position to defend myself, outside of concealed carry, pepper spray, or a stun gun. Let’s face it, the disabled are taken for easy pickin’s by the thugs out there. I’m glad someone is presenting self defense techniques to those of us who are differently abled and would love to see more of this.

  10. Well, in my condition, I can’t kick but I still get something out of some of these videos. I think the most important parts in the kick is body angle and area to hit or aim for.

  11. Yes-I teach this way (Chinese Martial Arts-50 years) This mostly comes from system from Fukian White Crane called leg threading” -but I rarely teach classic styles anymore unless student wants it–I teach the stuff that works in life and death. This method works and Bruce Lee used it. There is a whole way of utilliing this -leg and body “blasting”.

  12. I was taught this kick in Wing Chun, but always kicking with the back leg to give the step in Tommy describes. Liked the reference to kicking in doors which allows you visualize what your trying to achieve

  13. The simplest over site in kicking is the “Hollywood, Bruce Lee” straight kick. This video does an excellent job of showing why NOT to stiffen or straighten the leg. Excellent training video.

  14. You can also do a jump sidekick,2 step one foot behind the other side stepping sidekick for even more power,there is really no chance of them grabbing your leg because you snap it back in as you’re coming back into upright position. They’re going to be hurting from the kick they just ate. I’ve sent 200+ lb. men 5-15 backwards & on their ass so easily with these kicks. For the most part all you’re doing is with feet shoulder width or a little more apart lean sideways & fire the sidekick with the power coming from the hip,keeping your hands up while leaning back your face and side & stomach area are protected. You can use the kick backwards for an attacker trying to sneak up,or rush you from behind. Several versions of this kick. (5 or more I was taught & use)

  15. The sidekick is your longest reaching defense to keep attacker,opponent off of you & keep them from getting to you. With the front kick,or front snap kick attacker could still reach or hit you,with the sidekick there is no chance.

  16. Easy as pie. You can use the sidekick in the same manner. As Bruce Lee said. The sidekick is like the left jab but much more effective, much more damaging!

  17. A very simple and effective kick that most people could add to their arsenal. The easier the kick or strike, the more likely people will be more effective when remembering how to do the move under a high stress situation. Thanks!

  18. Thank you for the fighting videos I’ve shared these with my son and it has really helped him have more confidence,he has used some of the move’s on the bullies he goes to school with and they don’t mess with him anymore your videos they can help a lot of people that are in situations such as my son. Thank you

  19. Question??) I was I a street fight last nite 2 guys first guy came strait twards me aggressively with his hesd down thats when his buddy jumped between us trying to tackle me. Mean while attaker #1 is throwing fist over attacker#2 shoulder! So I punched over his shoulder landed a punch on attaker#1 right cheek knoking him out. But attaker#2 has ahold of me still shoving me backwards until I fell tried to mount me but attaker#1came to snd came rumning over I saw him comming so I covered my face and head and rolled to the right and he missed and landed thr kick on his buddies chin wich allowed me to get to my feet then it was over! What do I do to stop second attaker from shoving me backwards?

  20. Thank you. There have been times when intuition kicked in. A Policeman told me, “You may only have a couple of seconds to react. He was right. That advice saved my life.