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Simple Self Defense Kick to Stop Attackers and Put Them On Their Heels

As you can see in the video this is a very effective self defense kick for several reasons. First, it utilizes your body weight to deliver a powerful blow. Second, it doesn’t require any fancy skills. Third, when done full speed there are few defenses against this kind of kick.

The key is to step into the kick. As Tommy says in the video the movement is up and then out so the force is pushing the attacker backwards.

This is also a great street fighting move because it allows you to keep some distance between you and your attacker. You can strike him with this kick before he is close enough to throw an elbow, punch, or even a kick of his own.

This kick won’t get you off balance either, when you do it correctly your weight stays on your center line and only moves forward.

You can use this kick in many street fight circumstances but it is perfect for situations where an attacker is approaching you aggressively and you want to keep him back and stay out of his punching range.

This kick will stop him like a ton of bricks and allow you to take the offensive. It will reverse the situation putting him on his heels and allow you to close the distance on your own terms or simply escape the situation, your choice.

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264 thoughts on “Simple Self Defense Kick to Stop Attackers and Put Them On Their Heels”

  1. Well you’vev done it again, presented another easy yet effective moved. I might change my target area to the knee depending on who I am fighting but either way great move. Thanks again for these videos.

  2. Excellent video by Tommy Dilallo. He explains the kicking technique in easy- to -understand terms. Many thanks for that.

  3. Ex army very helpful thank you ……in a life or death situation and hand to hand situation sticking the fingers into the eyes your attacker is immobilized very fast leaving you to do whatever you like ….I have used this 3 times in my life and I’m still alive to talk about it

  4. Good move if you’re able to get the kick in. What if the attacker is closer and punches you in the face or chest. How to defend yourself against such an attack?

  5. Thank you very much for these tips, Hopefully that kick would deescalate the situation. These are all very informative for as far as the instructors go into the situation. In any situation where a person wants to fight you, be it with hands, knife, gun, whatever. You have to keep in mind that it is you who will die or the criminal who will die. That choice is up to the person who is learning these self defense methods. I read one situation where the guy said he was not a violent person. He has already lost his life. From law enforcement training I was taught it would be you or them, you make the choice.

  6. This is interesting because many of us are naive when it comes to self defense especially on the mean streets that we traverse on a daily basis.
    I don’t believe in violence really I don’t, the last thing I would like to do in this life is to end a person’s life. My friend when it comes to the survival of the fittest as they say and it is a matter of live and death situation, then whatever it takes to survive then do it. The reason why I watch these videos is for defensive purposes only not for offensive purposes. God forbid if I be forced to use it one of these days.

  7. Most excellent, I do agree the snap kick, is not all that effective on the street, have done it. It’s a kick that works on the mat,or looks cool, when done for show. However I never thought about a deliberate stomp kick. Have I done probably, just never trained with it in as part of arsenal…

  8. I am in Full Agreement on this!
    Even in my former Karate Training, I was taught this way!
    And on every move…HIT with Forward motion and step into the opponent’s space…driving them ever backward
    or to the ground…
    Even if your kick doesn’t disable them, it moves them backward and off of their own balanced position…

  9. Hello Bob
    I live in Sweden where it is now very risky for us pensioners to be out at night or to use the Banks Money Machines.Especially for vulnerable pensioners like my wife and myself.
    I have artificial knees so kicking is difficult.Twice we’ve had mugging attempts which I have Succesfully defended through judicious us of my large and heavy walking stick aimed at the head and solar plexus.
    However, I think I just got lucky there and what I need is a system of total defense that even I can use. I carry your wonderful knife with me at all times ( a Thank you very,very much for this knife, by the way ) This gives me a great sense of security but I need a more detailed strategy
    Any ideas? There are many of us oldies in the same boat though we all have been through hand to hand training in our military service training years ago

  10. Very good demonstration. I remember one time with my opponent standing directly in front of me, it was my intent to kick him under his chin, which would have been a fight ender, if I would have done it correctly, but instead of kicking him with the toe of my shoe, I kicked him with the top of my shoe (the flat part) over my toes. He didn’t even go down, and it felt like I broke something. The two, three days I could hardly put any weight on that foot. I learned a good lesson. That high kick was some years ago, as I am 73 now, and can’t kick as high as I use to.
    My Kind Regards, Everett Williams

  11. Thanks. Been through a lot of training all over the world, most very good, but all of yours is so simple and direct, even the ladies need this stuff!

  12. That was great to see how the kick works in a street fight with someone attacking you I have to teach my family that.

  13. Awsum! Do! U have more on these kine of defencive kicking? Daz where I’d like to benifit more on! I like all ur training videos! There awsum! & really make sance! To simple defense yet! Sansable! Training!! Can’t wait to see the next!

  14. The front kick is something I know works from personal experience. One fast and hard kick to the solar plexus and it was over in seconds.

  15. I waited to watch all 3 of the blogs to comment. Any of these 3 moves for a guy my size would be very effective against the biggest of anyone who would be trying to do harm to me. Thanks for sending me these videos of these moves. I can see that put in a position to where I am going to be in a harmful situation I will be able to put myself in the offensive which is much better than being in the defense where I would likely get hurt bad. So for self protection in the world as it is today this is great stuff to know. Every time you walk out of your home you never know when you may need to actually need to use one of these moves. Thanks again from a guy who is feeling much better and safer each time I have to go out in the public,you guys are awesome!!!

  16. Thank you for the self defense videos…love it…Im getting older and not so agile (53) ha…But trying to keep my powder dry…these techniques are priceless…I dont know how i ever received your e-mails but i do appreciate them all!! please continue sending them

  17. After watching your free fight lessons; I find it hard to remember each move. However I retained enough moves to feel very ( a lot more) confident when I am out in a crowd of strangers. I have a positive attitude that if you mess with me I dont have to back down. I can hold my own. I am over 70 yrs old and feel like a prime target for a bully, especially when I know a Bully is normally a coward. Thank you so very much for this renewed feeling of confidence.

  18. I appreciate learning these steps to protect myself & am thankful for this because I personally don’t have the time to travel to a class. I am having my grands watch this as well so they can know how to protect themselves. Always good to know because in this day & age you never know. 🙁

  19. I want to say thank you for your instructions on protecting yourself on the street. I am a disabled veteran in the Houston, Texas area . My ability to be as physical at 58 as I once way 40+ years ago is not even close. Living in my neighborhood like most any place today is unsafe to say the least . You will never know what your free instructional videos mean to me and thousands of others in somewhat my position. Thank you again. Cordially Yours RD Dopson.

  20. Very effective. Simple, “stomping” motion. Easy to learn and do. Should be your, “go to ” kick.

  21. Thank you for the information you have sent me.I hope I will not need it but you never know.I plan to purchase dvd in the near future .Send me more lessions if avaliale.


  23. This would be good for women also to use to kick and then run if the attacker falls down. otherwise use it again hope in the groin area. That might put him down?