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Simple Self Defense Kick to Stop Attackers and Put Them On Their Heels

As you can see in the video this is a very effective self defense kick for several reasons. First, it utilizes your body weight to deliver a powerful blow. Second, it doesn’t require any fancy skills. Third, when done full speed there are few defenses against this kind of kick.

The key is to step into the kick. As Tommy says in the video the movement is up and then out so the force is pushing the attacker backwards.

This is also a great street fighting move because it allows you to keep some distance between you and your attacker. You can strike him with this kick before he is close enough to throw an elbow, punch, or even a kick of his own.

This kick won’t get you off balance either, when you do it correctly your weight stays on your center line and only moves forward.

You can use this kick in many street fight circumstances but it is perfect for situations where an attacker is approaching you aggressively and you want to keep him back and stay out of his punching range.

This kick will stop him like a ton of bricks and allow you to take the offensive. It will reverse the situation putting him on his heels and allow you to close the distance on your own terms or simply escape the situation, your choice.

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259 thoughts on “Simple Self Defense Kick to Stop Attackers and Put Them On Their Heels”

  1. Thank you so much for the great info, Mr. Dilallo. Beautiful execution! Will you please show how an older, disabled person should execute that move? Being slow in response might cause the attacker to grab the leg and throw the person to the ground on the head. Do you always advance on that move or is there a retreat method that would buy time to run? Thank you again for these life saving tips.

  2. This is very much like the kick I learned in Kung Fu. It is highly effective. The goal is to give an injury to the opponent and push them away or down. I currently take Karate and hate their curled toe kicks. Thank you for the video, keep doing good.

  3. Yes very effective its called a “stomp kick” and more emphasis should be on the heel penetrating not the whole flat of the foot. Also aim it at the solar plexus and youd better be ready to follow through with something else like a knee to the head should do it. nice demo by the way .!!!

  4. Wow great technique, I practice this with my older brother but not to the extreme of course. Its really helpful and benefited both of us, so now we have another technique down keep up the great work!

  5. I actually used this in a fight once and the guy’s feet flew up in the air and his butt hit the ground. Game over. He just sat there, stunned. It was all I could do to keep myself from laughing.

  6. This is good. Straight forward BooH-Yah. Nothing fancy to learn. I was never comfortable with all that instep and ball of the foot, and edge of the foot kicking. That’s just an un-natural mindset to me. I’d rather do the kick with the most impact. Balance is important too. you can fall down throwing a knee if you are off balance. I didn’t lower my center of gravity when I had to use the knee to groin technique and fell backward to the ground. Luckily the guy didn’t pursue his attack and was busy grabbing himself and went away. He had been on the bus harassing and touching some women on the bus, so the bus driver made everyone get off the bus. While we were waiting for another bus, he was continuing his harassment, going around to different women. He got to me and got something unexpected.

  7. I have achieved a black belt in Kenpo karate some of these techniques are either the same or very similar.My only request is that anyone learning these moves use them as a last resort.I have watched over the years how students just learn and go hurt someone.You must learn discipline aswell these are very effective moves MSW

  8. This is correct. The first Kung Fu and karate lessons I took, I was taught to kick like this, with the bottom of the foot, and even with the heel. Even with a side kick. Its only sport Karate you strike with the ball of your foot, top of toe, instep, and edge of the foot.

  9. This is a great move that I’ve used many times during my years in security, attackers are not looking at your legs, they’re usually looking you at your face. And most people will put a foot with a shoe, into a dangerous attackers personal body space rather than their vital organs.

  10. Learned this yrs ago in muay thai.But kinda forgot about it.
    Rejotted,plotted and noted with all the other great & simplistic
    moves for my street defence arsenal.I’d recommend practicing each
    these in small step parts,well over 20times,with each full technique.To imprint them instinctively in your mindset.THOUGH HOPE NEVER NEED TO USE THEM FOR REAL, KNOWING THAT YOU COULD, GIVES A CONFIDENCE BOOST WHEN OUT & ABOUT-IN TODAYS WORLD.Not as fit as i used to be, so very handy to know..Cheers again my head Honcho!!

  11. very interesting very powerful very helpful very true very effective
    very good to know and learn the right way !! i advice anyone to do so , we never know , it is your life , your choice …… yourself defence , protection too……

    … well a little exercise 15 mn, like that will improve a better focus in anything in your life right !! ZEN must apply too…….with practice too, repetition is the mother skills ………..ok take care all of you sincerely yours …….

  12. Sorry fellas but the last guy who tried that on me (after slapping my wife) totally FAILED. The kick is to slow for use against anyone with even half decent skill sets. He kicked, I rotated my center counter clock wise and assisted his forward momentum while keeping his leg up with my left hand. This caused him to do the splits and as his torso and head came lower it was intercepted by my knee. 1 broken jaw later (and a pulled groin) he was out cold as well as out of the fight.

    A snap kick to the knee is faster, more effective and less likely to be avoided by the recipient.

  13. Thanks for the video. Solid instruction, and good advice. You teach this in a way that avoids the common mistake where people want to balance on their foot and kind of keep the kick out there. Remembering Newton’s laws of force (or forgetting them) that when you balance and kick, force goes to your target, and also pushes you back taking effectiveness out of the technique. Keep videos like these coming.

  14. I found that most traditional martial art waza (technique) may take years to develop. These wazas showing in these videos are effective for combat self-defense. With my 48 years as a practitioner of Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu karate, I teach only combat waza (technique). I have no value for sport martial arts what so ever.

    Thank you.
    Hanshi, Soke San Dai, Avelino R. Mayoral
    Menkyo Kaiden, Ju Dan Black Belt-Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu

  15. thanks bob,

    i’m pretty cabable and a man of love . Want to thank you so much to be able to face the challenges of our day.

  16. Good lesson on Kicking ! I didn,t realize the angle of the kick and, part of th foot made such a difference……. Thanks again guys !!!!!

  17. Say is this the same Tommy D. who use to fight and train out of Minnesota? Regardless great instruction on a wonderful technique to use on the street.

  18. Great – that gives me an idea – if I suspect there’s going to be trouble near where I live I’m getting myself some running spikes or studs. Just one thing though – what if the other guy does the same thing – what if he’s ex-spec ops & he does it even better – something to consider – remember – when you’re doing your stuff – think about what the other guy might do. I have learned from hard experience never to take anything for granted – as well as being bullied – I’ve also been a bully once myself when I was a kid – I learn’t through experience how to approach a victim – I could tell instinctively if there was anything amiss – think about it – your opponent my look stupid & vulnerable – but don’t just go on looks – you need highly tuned instincts too.

  19. It’s a muaythai teep kick badly performed he would generate a lot more power if he was on his toes on his grounded foot

  20. Hmmmmm… That stance is wing chun. Simple push kick. In Tae Kwon Doe , we are taught to snap kick with the ball of the foot, same with the round house. Both kicks can break bones. Don’t forget about the foot sword either

  21. i thought as i got older i would be able to forget my scrappy days…. out grow them so to speak.
    this is not so…. i find todays “cowardly youth” think us old men are easy pickings.
    i was never considered a softee, but now i am even harder thanks to your site.
    keep up the good work!!

  22. I am a 70 yr. old lady , 5’2″ and 160 lbs. and I think with just watching these videos
    that I could seriously protect myself against an attacker. I am pretty fiesty for my age ! But if this country gets as bad as I think it will, I am practicing everything I can, to be prepared for home invasions and street muggings. I don’t have a lot to steal, but they won’t get anything if I can help it, with your help. Thank you for not charging a bunch of money to help other people. God Bless Donna

  23. For those who are concerned about the opponent grabbing your leg/foot from this kick…
    DON’T WORRY! You kick THRU the target…then Stomp DOWN with your body weight, as you move into the opponent! So…if they grab hold of it, they will be pulled DOWN toward the ground as you put your primary body weight on that foot! That leaves you with LOTS of “targets” for your hands! Besides, if you are hitting them with full force, their grabbing your leg will NOT stop the force of IMPACT to THEIR body!

  24. Dear bro.


    Most martial arts are basically involved with the occults and the devil,do you understand me^It will never prepare someone in a survival street fight in a life or death confrontation.I believe that hand to hand close combat is the best in world and it can be learned by anyone,who is willing to practice with a parner and family love ones.I would like to become an instructor to teach realistic self-defence,do you have any PDF e-books^

    May the saviour bless your heart and family.

  25. Mr. Diallo is correct. The heel is the devastator, not the toes or ball of the foot. Break or crack the pubic bone above the groin and both legs will stop functioning and this is one of the most painful injuries on the body. Complete inability to run or walk. Although you don’t want to, normally, turn your back on an attacker, a reverse heel kick does the same. I have used it, lightly and the person never “bothered” me again, after I had given him two warnings.

  26. I agree with Tony M. And i think that momentum does play, probably, the biggest part in delivering and so maybe a person could change the momentum to his favor with one of the d’s (distraction) just a thought, and i would want to make sure and be faster than his hands, wouldnt want him getting ahold of my feet, of course if the kick was delivered with enough force the only thing that guys gonna be trying to grab is his breath.

  27. Very Basic and effective kick, probably the first kick which is taught in any Martial Arts course. I’ve use this almost in every encounter I’ve had, which is not many. However, not always with great success. Momentum plays a big part in delivering. Balance and the low stance does take part in the kick for effectiveness.

  28. Too many people place an inordinate amount of time and effort at trying to look “pretty”. You are no Jean Claude Van Damme. “Pretty” will get your ass kicked. Be effective and forceful.

  29. Good Video, the techinques here sre very sound use leverage and snap the kick, to push your opponent back, kind of like boxing or mma the idea is to push through with your body. Keep up the good work guys.

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