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Nasty Thumb Lock Takedown

Nearly all of us have been in a situation where a guy has grabbed our upper arm to try to gain control of you or show his dominance. Grabbing the arm is a common way for someone to escalate a conflict without throwing a punch.

Because this is so common any self defense system is not complete without having a way to deal with this kind of attack.

Most of the time when a guy is grabbing your arm this way a fight is eminent. The last thing you want is to start the fight with the attacker already in control of you.

A grab like this is also a common way for multiple attackers to work. One guy grabs and restrains you while another guy starts laying on a beat down. Not a good place to be.

Fortunately there is a really easy way to take down a guy who has grabbed your arm, even if he is larger and stronger than you. This technique relies on a thumb lock that the attacker is literally handing you when he grabs hold of your arm.

Check out the video to see exactly how this is done.

As you can see in the video this technique doesn’t rely on size or strength. Like any good self defense move it relies on you being smart and using any advantage you have.

The great thing about this move is that when you drop your weight you will be able to take down guys who are way heavier than you are (even if you are only 150 pounds). Also this self defense move actually works better if you are shorter than your attacker, because when you drop down to your knees you will be pulling him further off balance.

Go ahead and practice this move with a training partner or friend. As you can see in the video you should train this with floor pads so you can really practice taking the attacker down to the ground.

Be careful this thumb lock can break the thumb so be smart when you practice it.

This is just one more great self defense tool to add to your arsenal.

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238 thoughts on “Nasty Thumb Lock Takedown”

  1. Great work with all the videos!
    First class work.
    I have a problem with this one however: I don’t like a move that takes me to the ground,with the attacker, particularly if the attacker is much bigger than me.(i am 190 lbs)
    Is there a more offensive attack you could suggest that would keep me on my feet and eliminate the threat?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Patrick, thanks for the comment, you are right you don’t usually want to take a guy to the ground unless there is a very good reason (for example, you need to allow others to escape while someone is restrained). Check out some other videos on this site and you will find that most of the techniques we teach leave you on your feet and able to escape quickly.

  2. Really good to know in case Nasty happens. My best defense when moving about the city is to be alert to what’s happening around me. Also it pays to look around you. It’s surprising how easy it is for people to come up right behind you without even knowing it, They have no bad intentions, but what if they did? So now I’m extra vigilant. Cheers, DT

  3. thanks for the info even though I’m not a fighter but it helps me to learn something i never knew
    thanks again Dale

  4. Another simple, practical and easy move to put on an aggressor. Thanks for the information. So glad I found this company, I will practice this with my 8 year old son.

  5. A useful technique indeed…just goes to show one can never be too old to learn new tricks! I always enjoy your self defense tips – great to know – even if one never has to use them!

  6. The more simple and quick the better. Nice . Also could strike back of elbow. Take down depend on inside or outside grab. Practice both

  7. I reply enjoy these videos. They are very informative and the self defense techniques will be invaluable.
    I do hope that the “aggressor” in these lessons is getting nicely compensated. There are many times where you can tell that these techniques are causing him some degree of discomfort.
    Guess it means that in a real situation, pain can be easily afflicted on the bad guy.
    Great stuff…

  8. Thanks. I always have and still feel that if this country is going to be in the condition that preppers say it will in a year or two, people like you that know this stuff should give this info away for people like me that never had been in a fight.

    The time to sell this and make money is over. We are at the end and all need to know this, especially if the enemy comes here.
    Thank you for being generous and not trying to make a mint with stuff that we all need.
    It will come back to u with more for you than money.
    Thanks, Sincerely, Bill Walt

  9. I just got home from the police department writing out my report for them. I am a lady in my late 50s and was shopping today. I was walking into the change room to try on clothes when a large thug pushed me into the room. I could not reach for my CCW as he had me falling to the floor. As I screamed for help my instincts kicked in for survival and I hit him as hard as I could with your training video, the knuckles in the throat. I repeatedly hit him in the throat as fast as I could as he was trying to gasp for air. Within second which to me felt like minutes, others came to my rescue and had him pinned down for the police. I did make sure that he got a major blow to the groin too as I was pulled out to safety. The police told me that this thug was out on parole . Thank you for your videos as I feel it saved me today. I enjoy each on that you release.

  10. You can lead the guy around like a dog on a leash if you do it right. Been on both dudes of that coin…lol

  11. Thanks for ALL the fightfast skills. Being i live in Canada…sadly i would like to carry a handgun. But have to spend money on gun and spend money on beaucracy Gun training program that the Government requires… the bad guys don’t go to gun training, but i am forced to go to training program and the expense. being i have low income…upsetting.

  12. What’s the drill if the attacker grabs your left arm with his right? You don’t have the drop down leverage the same. I’m sure the thumb thing will hurt but the takedown may not work. ???