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Nasty Thumb Lock Takedown

Nearly all of us have been in a situation where a guy has grabbed our upper arm to try to gain control of you or show his dominance. Grabbing the arm is a common way for someone to escalate a conflict without throwing a punch.

Because this is so common any self defense system is not complete without having a way to deal with this kind of attack.

Most of the time when a guy is grabbing your arm this way a fight is eminent. The last thing you want is to start the fight with the attacker already in control of you.

A grab like this is also a common way for multiple attackers to work. One guy grabs and restrains you while another guy starts laying on a beat down. Not a good place to be.

Fortunately there is a really easy way to take down a guy who has grabbed your arm, even if he is larger and stronger than you. This technique relies on a thumb lock that the attacker is literally handing you when he grabs hold of your arm.

Check out the video to see exactly how this is done.

As you can see in the video this technique doesn’t rely on size or strength. Like any good self defense move it relies on you being smart and using any advantage you have.

The great thing about this move is that when you drop your weight you will be able to take down guys who are way heavier than you are (even if you are only 150 pounds). Also this self defense move actually works better if you are shorter than your attacker, because when you drop down to your knees you will be pulling him further off balance.

Go ahead and practice this move with a training partner or friend. As you can see in the video you should train this with floor pads so you can really practice taking the attacker down to the ground.

Be careful this thumb lock can break the thumb so be smart when you practice it.

This is just one more great self defense tool to add to your arsenal.

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238 thoughts on “Nasty Thumb Lock Takedown”

  1. I like practicing to reversing grabs on any part of the body, so if someone grabs me any where I don’t need to think about how to react, I haven’t trained for awhile thoe.
    Any way this is a wow technique.. Once someone grabs you they have made there move, at that point you make yours..

  2. Thanks again for helping build the confidence needed to take on bullies and drug crazed idiots that will prey on people smaller younger and elderly to get what they want

  3. Would have thought it would be more likely for the attacker to grab the outside of me left arm with their left hand to line me up for a right handed punch? In which case i can’t control his thumb?

  4. Great technique. And although I can’t go down, due to the fact that I’m in a wheelchair, I can still use this technique.

  5. First let me explain was not trying to be rude or insensitive but ….as a older person I prefer not to be pulled down also with the attacker cause this move leaves you off balance….being trained in judo, taiquando, aikido, aiki jitsu, mma, ….state correction defense, security defense,….it would be faster to upper deflexion and redirect or underarm wrist lock and redirect to take down so if any offense is precieved forgive me because I like most of the defense move videos I watch and have practice them….

  6. The thumb lock takedown is very effective in the video and I can imagine it will be very effective in real life because you don’t give him a chance to do anything else great video great information

  7. I like does thumb lock takedown it looks very effective and very painful for the individual that grabbed your arm thank you for the great video and lesson

  8. Nicely done. Key, though, will be to maintain control as the opponent goes down, and also to get back on your feet and deliver a kick or punch to some pleace mortal or at least debilitating.

  9. Thank you very much. SFA, retired police ex attorney general organized crime task force. I’m finding your videos and dvds a useful refresher tool and at times a oh yeah, forgot about that tool, or didn’t know that. Again, thank you. Keith A Smith

  10. The chances of and aponent this day and age grabbing you in that fashion is second to none . Plus you are leaving yourself very vonurable to several counter attacks that could be applied before you get the chance to take him down.especially the way you are pulling them in twords you.you are increasing his momentom and power on the counter blows availible if your a skilled fighter and know how to turn that move right around on him.

  11. Thank you for the thumb move but once the attacker is thrown is that the time to run to safety ? Or what other fighting moves can I go into ?

  12. Thanks again Bob these fight Technics are great please keep them coming, they have tought my wife and kids how to protect them selves.

  13. got any slick self defense tricks for someone in a wheelchair? believe it or not i am more a target now than I ever was. I always thought that even lowlifes would not attack someone in a wheelchair, but turns out they are lower than I would have ever imagined. I do thank you for what you have posted. you are greatly appreciated.

  14. That was very good, I never even thought about doing that. Even as a Recon Marine, but to that was 40 years ago, and I know the Recon trains even harder now.

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