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Situational Blindness by Mark Hatmaker

The only fights you truly win are the ones you don’t have.“-Lee Child
Keeping the above quote in mind, along with the fact that crime is a product of opportunity, we go a long way towards being “masters of self-defense” if we simply remove as many opportunities as possible from our behavior. Read More

Today let’s have a look at a partially-discredited theory of crime-prevention that was proposed to work on the large-scale (cities, etc.) We’ll discuss the aspects that did and do, indeed, work. We’ll briefly ponder the unintended consequences of following “broken windows” to the extreme. Then we’ll wind this whole thing down discussing how the “broken Read More

When I was an Air Force Office of Special Investigations Counterintelligence Agent, I was stationed in Turkey for two years. While there I was performing what is called HUMINT which is Human intelligence or intelligence gathered by means of interpersonal contact, as opposed to the more technical intelligence gathering disciplines such as signals intelligence (SIGINT), Read More

This is a great tip. It’s a pretty simple concept, collect water in empty water bottles. What makes this special is slitting and fanning out the sides of the bottle to maximize the surface area. Check it out:

Here in the States one would have to be cloistered in a monastery or nunnery to not be aware that football season is commencing, and with that commencement the debate regarding head trauma continues. We are not here to discuss head trauma as it pertains to football injuries but we would be a bit less Read More

There’s no end to the harebrained ideas for purifying water in survival situations. The video above is a test of one of the most egregious offenders of “survival hacks” gone wrong. This is the kind of tip that comes from non-experts who need “fluff” content to fill their new book. As you can see in Read More